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Full text of "Pizarro [microform] : a tragedy in five acts"

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<5enu!ne OEtsittcm 

+ tm * m * a *'**^'******mmmmmmmmm*mmmmmmi&mmnmKmJma$m*mriwm 

I Z A R R O 



T R A G E D V, 










Dufclin ; 









; .4 


X O Her, whofe approbation of this 
Drama, and whofe peculiar delight in 
the applaufe it has received from: the 
Public, have been to me the higheft 
gratification its fuccefs has produced— 
I dedicate this Play, 


A 2 


As the two translations which have 
&een published of Kotzebue's '« Sf a* 
n iards in Peru'' have, I under-* 


ftarid» been very generally read, the 
Public are in pofTeflion of #11 the ma« 

to form a Judgment 
on the merits, and defeats of the Play 
performed at Drury-Lane Theatre. 





./HILL'D by rude gales, while yet relu&ant May 
Withholds the beauties of the vernal daj ; 
As fome fond tnaid, whom matron frowns reprove, 
Sufpends the fmileher heart devotes to love ; 
The feafon's pleafures too delay their hour, 
And Winter revels with protracted power : 
Then blame n0t, Critics, if, thus late, we bring 
A Winter Draiyia-^ but reproach— ^|he fpring. 
What prudent Q& dares yet the feafon truft, 
Bafk in hi| yi hi&y , and €tojdy the daft ? 
Hors'd in Cheapfide, icarce yet the gayer fpark 
Achieves the Sunday triumph o£ the Park ; 
Scarce yet you fee him* dreading to be late, 
Scour thfe NewRoid, and dafh thro^GirdlVe nor- gate :— « 
Anxious— ryet timorous too !-— his fteed to fhow, 
The hack Bucephalus of Rbtjtenrrpw. I 
Carelefs he feetns, yet, vigilantly fly, 
Wobs-tfeftray glance of Ladles palling by* 
While his off heel, infiduoufly afide, 
Provokes the caper Miich he feems tot:hide. 
Scarce rural Kenfington due honour gains ; 
The vlilgar verdure of hex walk remains t 
Where white-robed mifles amble two by two, 
Nodding to booted beaux** — " How'do, how'do?" 
With gen'rous queftions that no anfwer wait, 
" How vaftly full ! AVt you come vaftly late ? 
*' IVt it quite charming ? When do you leave town ? 
41 AVt you quite tir'd ? Pray can we let you down ? ,r 
Thefe fuburb pleafures of a London May, 
Imperfeft yet, we hail the cold delay ; 
Should our Play pleafe— *and you're indulgent ev~r— -■ 
Be your decree-—** 'Tis better late than never." 


* v \..> > 

Dramatfof petfimae. 

Ataliba, Kmgpf $mto> - 

5«»«,i Cm****,*****. 
Cora, <Jfe**0*i ^f, 
Picarro, £#*<ftr of M# Spaniards i 
Blvira, Pkmrrfs Mflrtfi* 
Almagro, - ... - 


DaVil la, > Fkarr&'iAjfcdateif 

y a l v k r d 1 1 Phsarrfs &crttarj % 
ttAt-CASAs, « Spsntfb MakjmfHc, 
An old blind Man, - - 

Oiozemho, 4* old Clique, 
ATfy, ' - ~ . . - 
^# Ctntmel} •* «- •* 

Attendmif - - - 

Peruvian Officer, •* 

iMK Powitt, 

Jjfcfr. Kxmsle* 
ifeGr. C. Kembli, 
JUb. Jordan. 
Afr. Bare y mo* e. 
A/rs. Sid dons. 
Mr. Qaolf is ld. 


A^. SvRatONT., 

Afr. it. Palmer. 
J#r. Arc***?. 
A^r. Cory. 

JWir. Dowtok. 
Mefttr Chatter ik?, 
Jlfr. Holland. 
Afr. Mad docks. 
Mr* Archer. 


Sold'ttn, Mefi Fisher, Evans, C»ir? iwJoali, Webb, 6fr. 


Mips. Kelly, Sedgwick, Digndm, Danby, dfir.— -Affc|* 
Crouch, Mif$ Be Cam*, A^i Stephens, Af/£ Lea*, 
,/Jdi/i Duroua, ©V. 

P I Z A R R O. 

•«ift '■■-■- 



A magnificent Pavilion near Piz^rro'jt Tent-*~p 
View of the Spanijb Camp in ike back Ground.— ~ 
Elvira is dif centered fleeping under a campy on 

v one J%de of the Pavilion^i-V alverde enters, 
gazes on Elvira, kneels and attempts to lift far 
hand\ Elvira, awakened, rifes and looks at him 
with indignation. 

Elv. A UD ACIOTJS ! Whence k thy privi- 
Jf\^ lege to interrupt the few moments, of 
repofe njy harafled mind can fnatch amid the 
tumults of thisnoify camp? Shall I inform your 
mafter of this prefumptuous treachery ? Shall | 
difclofe thee to Pizarro ? Hey ! 

Vat. I am his fervant, it is true— -trufted by 
him— and I know him well \ and therefore 'tis 
I afk, by what magic could Pizarro gain your 
heart, by what fatality ftill holds he your afc 
fc&ion ? 

a pizarro: 

Eh. Hold ! thou trufty Secretary ! 

Vol. Ignobly born ! in mind and manners rude, 
ferocious, and unpolifhed, though cool and crafty 
if occafion need — in youth audacious — ill his 
firft manhood— a licenfed pirate— treating men 
as brutes; the world as booty; yet now the Spa- 
nish hero is he ftyled — the firft of Spanifh con- 
querors ! and for a warrior fo accomplifhed, 'tis 
fit Elvira fhould leave her noble family, her fame* 
her home, to (hare the dangers, humours, and 
the crimes of fuch a lover as^Pizarro ! 

Eh. What ! Valverde moralizing ! But grant 
I am in error, what is my incentive ?— Paflion, in- 
fatuation, call it as you will; but what attaches 
thee to this defpifed, unworthy leader ? — Bafe 
lucre is thy objeft, mean fraud thy means. Could 
you gain me, you only hope to win a higher in- 
tereft in Pizarro — I know you. 

VaU On -my'- foul, you wrong me; what elfe 
my faults, I have iione towards you: but in- 
dulge the fcorn and levity of your nature ; do it 
while yet the time permits; the gloomy hour, I 
fear, too foon approaches. 

Eh. Valverde, a prophet too ! 

VaL Hear me 9 Elvira — Shame from his late 
defeat, and burning wifhes for revenge, again 
have brought Pizarro to*Peru : but truft me, he 
over- rates his ftrength, nor meafures well the 
foe. Encamped in a ftrange country, where 
terror cannot force, nor corruption buy a fingle 
friend, what have we to hope? The army mur- 
muring at increasing hardfhips, while Pizarro de- 
corates with gaudy fpoil the gay pavilion of his 
luxury Leach day diminifhes our force. 

Eh. But are you not the heirs of thofe ifeat 



VaU Arc gain and plunder then our only pur- 
pofe ? Is this Elvira's heroifm ? 

Eh. No, (b fave me Heaven ! I abhor the 
motive, means, and end of your purfuits ; but 
I will truft none of you :— 4n your whole army 
there is not one of you that has a heart, orfpeaks 
ingennoufly— aged Las-Cafas, and he alone, ex~ 

Vnl< He! Ml wtJittfinft -Itt-the- t>pp«>6t« and 

worie extreme ! 

Eh)* Oh ! had I earlier known that virtuous 
man, how different might my lot have been ! 

Vah I will grant, Pizarro could not then fo 
eafily have duped you \ forgive me, but at that 
event I ft ill muft wonder. 

Eh. Hear me, Valverde.— rWhen firft my 
virgin fancy waked to love, Pizarro was, my 
country's idol. Seif-taughl, felf raifed, and.feU- 
fupported, he became a hero ; and I was formed 
to be won by glory and renown* 'Tis known 
that when he left Panama in a flight veffel, his 
force was not an hundred men. Arrived in the 
ifland of Gallo, with his fword he drew a line 
upon the fands, and laid, <f Pafs thofe who fear 
to die or conquer with their leader." Thirteen 
alone remained, and at the head of thefe the 
warrior flood his ground. Even at the moment 
when my ears firft caught this tale, my heart 
exclaimed, <c Pizarro is its lord i" What fince I 
have perceived, or thought, or felt ! you muft 
have more worth tp win the knowledge of. 

Vah I preft no further ; ftill aflured that while 
Alonzo de Molina, our General's former friend 
and pupil, leads the enemy, Pizarro never more 
will be a conqueror. [Trumpets without.) 

Mlv* Silence ! I hear him coming » look not 

B 2 perplexed. 

4 pizarko:* 

perplexed.— How myftery and fraud confound 
the countenance ! Quick, put on an honeft face, 
if thou canft. 

Pizarm (Speaking without.) Chatn and fecure 
him j I will examine him myfelft 

Pisiaeeo mtm* 

i Valverde few— Elvira lm%hh ) 

Pl%, Why doft thou fraile, Elvira i 

Mlv* To laugh or weep without a reafon, Is 
one of the few privileges we women have, 

Piz. Elvira, I will lyiow the caufe, I am re* 
Solved ! 

Eh. I am glad of that, becaufe I love refo* 
lution, and am refolved not to tell you. Now 
my refolution, I take it, is the better of the two, 
becaufe it depends upon myfelf, and yours does 

Piz. Plha ! trifler ! 

VaL Elvira was laughing at my apprehensions 

Piz. Appfchenfions ! 

VaL Yes---that Alonzo's (kill and genuis (hould 
fo have disciplined and informed the enemy, as 
to-^i — 

Piz. Alonzo ! the traitor ! How I once loved 
that man! His noble mother *entrufted him, a 
boy, to my proteftion. At my table did he 
feaft — in my tent did he repofe. I had marked 
his early genius, and the valorous fpirit that 
grew with it. Often I had talked to him of our 
firft adventures^— what ftorms we ftruggled wifh 
— what perils we * furmounted. When landed 
with a flender hoft upon an unknown land — 



then, when I told how famine arid fatigue, dif- 
cord and toil, day by day, did thin our ranks ; 
amid clcfe-prefling enemies, how ftill undaunted 
I endured and dared — maintained my purpofe 
and my power in defpite of growling inutiny or 
bold revolt, till with my faithful few remaining I 
became at laft vi&orious ! — When, I fay, of thefe 
things I fpoke; the youth, Alonzo, with tears of 
wonder and delight, would throw him on my 
neck, and fwear, his foul's ambition owned no 
other leader. 

Vol What could fubdue attachment fo be- 

Piz. Las-Cafas~- he it was, with fafcinating 
craft and canting precepts of humanity, raifed 
in Alonzo's mind a new enthufiafm, which forced 
him, as the ftripling termed it, to forego his 
country's claims for thofe of human nature. 

VaL Yes, the traitor left you, joined the Pe- 
ruvians, and became thy enemy and Spain's. 

Piz. But firft with wearilefs rcmonftrance he 
fued to win me from my purpofe, and untwine 
the fword from my determined grafp. Much he 
fpoke of right, of juftice and humanity, calling 
the Peruvians our innocent and unoffending 

brethren ! 

IW. They !— Obdurate heathens ! — They our 
brethren ! 

Piz. But when he found the* foft folly of 
the pleading tears he dropt upon my bofom fell 
on marble, he flew and joined $he foe : then, 
profiting by the leflons he had gained in wrong'd 
Pizarro's fchool, the youth fo difciplined and led 
his new aHies, that foon he forc'd me-^Ha ! I 
burn with fhame and fury while I own it ! in 


6 pizarro: 

feaife retreat and foul difcomfiture to quit the 

VaL But the hour of revenge is come. 

Pikl Itfei I aftt returhed^-my force isftrength* 
ened, and the audacious Boy fhall Icon know that 
Pizarro lives* and has-* a grateful recolleftipn of 
the thanks he owes him. 

VaL 'Tis doubted whether ftill Alonzo lives. 

Piz. 'Tis certain that he does; one of his ar- 
ttiour-bearert is juft made prifoner ; twelve thou- 
fand is their force, as , he repprts, led by Alonzo 
and Peruvian RoHai This day they thatee^i fo- 
leiiin focrifice on their ungpdly altars. ^prtM& 
profit by their feqaritft and attack ^ them unpre- 
pared— <-th£ facrificefs fliall bicome the yifimjSi 

Eh. ( JfyUj Wretched >nd^tt ? And their 
twn Uood ftisai %edew their altafff/ 

Piz. Right! ('Trumpets without,) Elvira, rc- 

Eti.Vtfy I rctiri? 

Pi%. Becauic men are to meet here and on 

£h; Q, ni^nl men ! ; ungrateful and per- 
verfe! 6, woman! ftill aite&ionate though 
wrong'd ! Thfc Beings to whole ^eycs ybii ,tiirn 
for animation, hope, and rapture* through the 
day* ^^00§§^^^im <>n ^^etrpfon^ 
jn the ..hojiairf fy^t calamity yon feek fof reft and 
confoiation ; them, when the pompous follies of 
your mean ambition . are the ^uci|ioii f you treat 
as plaything* or as flaves!^-I (hall not retire. 

Piz. Remain then— and, if thou canft, be 

Eh. They only babble who praftife not 
fledion. I shall think*"-*nld thought fe filcnee 

A TRAGIC J?!* AY. y 

Piz. . Ha !— there's fo me what in her manner 

[Pizarro looks Jlernly and fufpiciouJJy towards 
Elvira; who meets him with a commanding and 
unaltered eye. 

Enter Las*Casas, Almagro, Gonzalo, Da- 
villa, Officers and Soldiers^ -Trumpets without. 

Las*CL Pizarro, we attend your fummons. 

Piz. Welcome, venerable father— *my friends, 
moft welcome. Friends and fellow-foldiers, at 
length die hour is arrived, which to Pizarro's 
hopes prcfents the fall reward df our undaunted 
enterprife and long-enduring toils. Confident 
in fecurity, this day the foe devotes to folemn 
facrifice : if with bold i'urprifc we ftrike on their 
folemnity-— truft to your leaders word— we ihall 

Jim. Too long inadive have we been moul- 
dering on the coaft— our (lores exhaufied, and 
our foldiers murmuring-s-Bkttle f Battle !— then 
death to the arm'd, and chains for the defencelefs. 

Dav* Death to the whole Peruvian race"! 

L as- G. Merciful Heaven 1 

Aim. Yes, General, the attack, aiid -inftantly ! 
Then ihall Abnzo, talking at his eafe, foon ceafe 

Las-C. Alonzo !— rfcooi and preemption are 
not in his nature. ^ 

Aim. *Tis fit Las-Cafes fhould defend tits 
pupil. ; 

Piz. Speak not of the traitor— or hear his fiami 

B but 


jf • » • - - T * 

$ pizarro : 

but as the bloody fummons to aflfault and venge* 
ance. It appears we are agreed ? 

ji!m.mdDav. We are. 

^ All !— Battte ! Battle ! 

Las-C. Is then the dreadful meafure of your 
cruelty * not yet complete ?— Battle !-— gracipus 
Heaven! Againft whom ?—- A gain ft a King, in 
whofe mild bofom your atrocious injuries even 
yet have not excited hate! but who, infuked or 
victorious, fttll fues for peace. Againft a People 
who iiever wronged the living Being their Creator 
formed : aJPe<^le^ «fho, children of innocence ! 
received ^£ii a^ ^hpri&M guefts witjhXeagerlliof- 
piulity and confiding kindnefs. Gefceroiifly and 
freely did they (hare with you their comforts, their 
treafures, £nd their homes : you repaid them by 
fraud, oppreffion, and difeonour. Thefe eyes have 
witneffed all I fpeak— as Gods you were receive 
dii as Fiends have you a$cd» 

Prk. I^s-Caias! 
, Las-C. Fm$Qy hear me!— -Hear me, chief- 
tay[ri$l— And thou. All-powerful ! wfelerthtint- 
ders can feiver into fatid the adamantfrie rock--~ 
whofe lightnings cattrpierce c to the coiS^ of* the 
riy^aiwiqu^ let thy £6wer 

give effe& to thy fervantV words, as thy fpirit 

fives courage to his will! Bo not, I implore you, 
Jhicft^ii^^GQai|trympn--^Do not, I implore 
you, renew the foul barbarities which your initiate 
avarice has infli&ed on this wretched, unoffend- 
ing race !—• *But huflj, my fighs— fall not, 
drops of ufetefe forrow !^--h^rt-brea^^ a^n- 
guiib, choke not my utterance— -All I entreat 
is, fend me once more to thofe you cell your 
cncmte£~~0h ! let me be the meflenger of pe- 


mtence for you, I fhall return with bkffings and 
with peace from them. Elvira, you weep !-r Alas ! 
and does this dreadful crifis move no heart but 
thine ? 

Aim. Becaufe there are no women here butihe 
and thou. 

Piz. Clofe this idle war of words : time flies,, 
and our opportunity will be loft. Chieftains, are 
ye for inftant battle ? 

All. We are. 

Lat-C. Oh, men of blood \r—(Kneels.) God! 
thou haft anointed me thyfervant — not to curfe, 

_ *■ » T m ■ ' Ami 

but to blefs my countrymen : yet now my blefl- 
ing on their force were blafpbemy againft thy 
goodnefs. — (Rifes.) No ! I curfe your purpofe, 
homicides ! 1 curfe the bond of blood by which 
you are united. May fell divifion, infamy, and 
rout, defeat your proje&s and rebuke your popes f 
On you, and on your children, be the peril of the 
innocent blood which fhall be fhed this day ! I 
leave you, and for ever! No longer ihall thefe 
aged eyes be feared by the horrors they have wit- 
nefled. In caves, in forefts, will I hide myfelf; 
with Tigers and with lavage beafts will I com- 
mune : and when at length we meet again before 
tlj<i , blefs'd tribunal of that DeUy, whole mild 
doctrines and whole mercies ye have this day re- t 
nounced, then (hall you fceUhe agony ahdgrief 
of foul which tear the bofom of f our acculer 
now I {Going.) \ 

Eh. Las r Cafas ! Oh ! take me with thee f 

Los-C. Stay! loft, abufed lady! I alone a qi 
ufelefs feere. Perhaps thy lQyelinels may per* 
fuade to pity, where reafon and religion^ plead in 
vain* Oh ! fave thy innocent fellow-creatures 

B2 if 

ffc PI2ARR0 : 

if thou canft ; then Ihall thy frailty be redeemed , 
and thou wilt fhare the mercy thou beftoweft. 


Piz. How, Elvira ! would ft thou leave me ? 

Elv. I am bewildered, grown terrified ! Your 
inhumanity— -and that good Las-Cafas— oh ! he 
appeared to me juft now fomething more than 
heavenly : and you ! ye all looked worie than 

Piz. Companion fometimes becomes a beauty. 

Elv. Humanity always becomes a conqueror. 

Aim. Well ! Heaven be praifed f we arc rid of 
the oldmoralift. 

Gm. I hope he'll join his preaching pupil, 

Piz. Now to prepare our inufter and our 
march. At mid-day is the hour of the facrifice. 
Confuhing with our guides, the rout of your divi- 
sions fiiall be given to each commander. If we 
iurprife, we conquer ; and if we conquer, the 
gates of Quitio will be open to us. 
* Aim. And Pizarro then be monarch of Peru. * 

Piz. Not fofaft— ambition for a time muft take 
counfel from drfcrefion. Ataliba ftill muft hold 
t!v£ fliadbw of a ieeptre in his hand—^Pizarraftill 
appear dependant upon Spain : while the pledge 
0fj0fi£tc{ peace, his daughter's hand, fccures the 
proud fit£c£0iGn to the crown I leek. 

Aim. This is beffc In Pizamfs plans oWerve 
t hf (lat^fcnan's wifdom guides the warriors valour. 

Pal. {Afide to El*»a.) You mark^^t 

jgfa Q, ws-^bis Jscbeft— this I? #Dt^li|lief ^^^* 

Pis;. You feem offended, Kvirg ftill detains 
rfty heart. THifak^a fcefpire waves mc^oni " 

jgfc. Offended ?~No!--Thou know'ft thy 

> glory 


glory is my idol ; and this will be moft gloriouf, 
moft Jutland honourable. 

Piz. What mean you ? 

Eh. Oh! nothing — mere woman's prattle— * 
jealous whim, perhaps : but let it not impede the 
royal hero's courk.—(Trumpetr without) The 
call of arms invites you — Away I away ! youj his 
brave, his worthy fellow- warriors. 

Piz. And go you not with me ? 

Eh. Undoubtedly ! I needs mud be the firft to 

hail the future monarch of Peru. 

, . • 

Enter Gomez* 

Jim. How, Gomez! what bring'ft thou ? 

Gom. On yonder hill among the palm trees, we 
have furprifed an old cacique; efcape by flight he 
could not, and we feized him arid his attendant 
unrefiftirig ; yet his lips breathe nought but bitter* 
nefs and fcorn. 

Piz. Drag him before us* 

[Gomez leaves the tent^ and returns cmiu&*> 
ing Orozembo and Attendant* in chains^ 
* guarded*. 

What art thou, ft ranger ? 

Orcr. Firfr tell me which among you is the cap** 
tain of this band of robbers. 

Aim* Madman !«— Tear out his tongue,, or 


Oro. Tl^lt hear fome truth. 
JDtav. (Shewing his pmnard.) Shall I not plunge 
this into his heart ? 

Or*. £ f| Ria^) Does* your^ army boaflr many 
fuch heroes as this ? v " ' * 

Audacious ! — This infolence has fcaled 

B 3, thy 


thy ddortf. Die thou (halt) grey-headed fuffiarr. 
But fir ft confefs what thou knoweft. 

Oro. I know that which thou haft juft aflured 
me 6fb*thaf t fhall die. 

P/s. Lefs audacity perhaps might have prefer- 
ved thy life. 

Oral My life is a withered tree— it Is not worth 

Piz. Hear me, old mart. Even now we march 
Sgainft the Peruvian arfny. We know there is a 
fecret path that leads to your ftrong-Hold among 
the rocks : guide us to that, and name thy reward. 
If wealth be thy wi(h~ ' 

Ori.Ua I ha! ha ! ha I 
u I*iz* D oft thou cle(pife my offer ? 

0q. The^Und thy offer ^Wealth !•— I have 
the vreahh of two dear gallant fons~I have ftored 
In heaven the riches which repay good a&ions here, 
and ftill my chiefeft treafure do I bear about me* 

Piz. What is that ? Inform me. 
e , Pro^ I. ^ill 5 for it never, can be thine — the 
treafure of a pure unfullied conscience. 

Piz. t believe there is no other Peruvian who 
dares fpeak as thou doft* ' 

^^MWquld I could believe there is no other 

ahiard who dares a& as thou doft ! 

Gdn. (jjfide) Obdurate Pagan! — I^ow nume- 
f qiis is your arnriy ? 1> 

€^ Count the leaves of yonder fbreft. 

Jim* Wljich Is the weakeft p^rt of your camp? 
_ i?r& . Jl; has tip weak part— on every fide 'tis 
fortified by juft ice. 

PJz. Where, have you concealed J9W -wives 
and your children ? 

• - • f)ro. 

A TKKqiQ PLAY. 1 3 

Oro. In the hearts of their hufbands and their 

Piz. Know'ft thou Alonzo ? 

Oro. Know him !-— Alonzo !—Knojy him ! — 
Our nation's benefactor ! -r-The guardian angel of 

Piz. By what has he merited that title? 

Oro. By not refembling thee. 

Aim, Who is this Rolla, joined with Alonzo 
in command ? 

Oro. I will anfwer that j for I love to hear anil 
to repeat the hero's name/ Rolla, the kinfman of 
the King, is the idol of our army ; in war a tiger, 
chafed by the hunter's fpear ; in peace as, gentle as 
the un weaned lamb, Cora was once betrothed 
to him ; but finding (he preferred Alonzo, he re* 
figned his claim, and, I fear, his peace, to friend- 
(hip and to Cora's happinefs j yet ftill he loves 
her with a pure and holy fire. 

Piz. Romantic favage !— I (hall meet this Rolla 

Oro. Thou hadft better not ! The terrors of his 
noble eye would ftrikc thee dead. . 

Dav. Silence, or tremble ! 

Oro. Beardlefs robber f I never yet have tf em- 
bled before God**- why fiiould I tremble before 
man ?— Why before thee, thou lefs than man ! 

JDav. A nother word, audacious heathen, and 
I ftrike ! , « t ^% 

Qro. Strike, Chriflian I Then boaft among thy 
fellows— I too have murdered' a Peruvian ! 

Dav. Hell and vengeance feize thee! (Stabs 



Dav. Could'ft thou longer have endured his 
infults ? 

Piz. And therefore (hould he die untortured ? 

Oro. True I Qbferve, young man — your un- 
thinking rafhnefs has faved me from the rack ; 
and you yourfelf have loft the opportunity of a ufe- 
ful leflfon ; you might have Teen with what.cruelty 
vengeance would have infii&ed torments, and with 
what patience virtue would have borne them. 

Eh. (Supporting Orozembo'j head upon her 
bofonu) Oh ! ye are monfters alL Look up, thou 
martyr'd innocent— look up once more, and blefs 
me ere thou dieft. God ! how I pity thee ! 

Oro. Pity me!— Me! fo near my happinefs ! 
Blefs thee,? lady [—Spaniards — Heaven turn your 
hearts, and pardon you as I do* (Orozembo k 
borne off dying.) 

Piz.- Away 1— Davilla ! If thus rafe a fecond 

Dav. Forgive the hafty indignation which — 

Piz. No more — unbind that trembling wretch-^ 
let him- depart; 'tis well he flxould report the 
mercy ilrhich we ^how to infoleru defiance*—^ 
Hark ! our troops are moving. ' 

Attendant* (On pajjmg Elvira.) If through 
your gentle means my matter's poor remain* 
might be preferred } from irifult~ 

Efo. I underftand you.. 

Jtt. His fons may yet thank your c&arity, 5f 
not avenge their father's fate^ [Exit. 

Piz. Wlfct fays the Have f 

Ely* A parting word to thank you for your 

P/z. Our guard and guides approach. {Soldiers 
march through the tents.) Follow me, friends— 



■ i ■ X 

each lhall have his port afligned, and ere PertmVs 
God (hall fink beneath the main, the Spaniih ban- 
ner, bathed in blood, (hall float above the walls of 
vanqutfh'd Quito. [Exeunt. 

Manent Elvira and Valverde. 

Fal. Is it now preemption that my hopes gain 
ftrength with the increafing horrors which I fee ap- 
pal Elvira's foul ? 

Eh. I am mad with terror and remorfe ! Would 
I could fly thyfe dreadful fcenes ! 

Fal. Might not Valverde's true attachment be 
thy refuge ? 

Eh. What wouldft thou do to fave or to avenge 
me ? 

Val. I dare do all thy injuries may demand— a 
word— and he lies bleeding at your feet. 

Elv. Perhaps we will fpeak again of this. Now 
leave me. [ Exit Valverde. 

Eh. (Alone.) No! not this revenge— no ! not 
this inftrument, Fie, Elvira ! even for a moment 
to counfel with this unworthy traitor! — Can a 
wretch, falfe to a confiding mailer, be true to any 
pledge of love or honor? — Pizarro will abandon 
me — yes ; me — who, for his fake, have facrificed 
— Oh, God ! — What have I not facrificed for him ; 
yet, curbing the avenging pride that fvvells this 
bofom, I ftill will further try him. Oh, men ! ye 
who, wearied by the fond fidelity of virtuous love, 
feek in the wanton's flattery a new delight,^ oh, ye 
may infult and leave the hearts to which your faith 
was pledged, and, ftifling (elf- reproach, may fear 
no other peril ; becaufe fuch hearts, howe'er you 
injure and defert them, have yet the proud retreat 





of an unfpotted fame — of un reproaching conlcience* 
But beware the defperate libertine who forfakes the 
creature whom his arts have firft deprived of all 
natural prote&ion-r-of all felfrconfolation ! What 
has he left her ?-«-Defpair and vengeance. [Exit. 






^ 2fo»£ furrounded by a wild Wood* and Rocks.— 
Cor A, fitting on the root of a tree^ is playing 
with her Child.— Alonzo looks over them with 
delight and cheerfulnefs. 

, , -■ . ■ . » . 

G>r*.TWTOW confefs, does lie referable thee, or 
1^1 not? 

*#/; Indeed: he Isliker thee— thy rofy foftnefs, thy 
fmiling gentlenefs. 

Cora. But his auburn hair, the colour of his 
eyeS, AIonzo.«4-\) s my lord's image, and my 
heart's adored J (Pr effing the Child to J)erbofpm.) 

AL The little daring urchin robs me, I doubt, 
of fdme portion of thy love, my Cora, At leaft 
he (hares careSes, which till his birth were only 
mine. . 

Cbra. Oh no, Alonzo 1 a mother's love for her 
dear babe is not a Health, or token froin the father's 
ftore; it is a new delight that turns with quicken'd 
gratitude to Him, die author of her augmented 
blift. / 

Al. Could Cora, think mei ferious ? * \ 

Gord.A am fufe he will fpeak foon : then will be 
th£ laft of §he* tbree holy days allowedly Nature's 
fan&ion to the fond anxious mother's heart. 

M What arc thoft t§ree ? 


jB ... £«AKRO: 

Cora. The ecftacy of his birth I pafs ; that in 
part is felfifti : but when firft die white bloflbms of 
his teeth appear, breaking the crimfon buds that 
did incafe them ; „that is a Jay/ $$ joy : next, when 
from his father's arms he runs without fupport, and 
clings, laughing and delighted, to his mother's 
knee ; that is the mother's -heart's next holyday : 
and fweeter ft ill the third, whene'er his little Ham- 
mering tongue ihall utter the grateful found of, 
Tattier, Mother !—Q 1 that is the deareft joy of 
all! r -/ 

Ah Beloved Cora ! » 

Cora. Oh! my Alojizo ! daily, hourly, do I 
pour thanks to Heaven for the dear bleffing I pof* 
fcfs in him and thee. v * ' 

Ah To Heaven and Rolla. 

Cpra* Ifes, to Heaven and Roila: and art. thou 
not grateful to them too, Alonzo? art thou not 

§ - * . 

Ah Can Cora aft ihatcjuefiionf 

€$ra. Why then of late fo reflJefs on Ay couch ? 
Why to tay waking washing car fo often does, the 
ftiUhcfif of the night betray thy Sniggling fighs ? 

Ah Muft not I fight againft aiy country, againft 
my brethren ? 

Grifc ©b they not feek our deftriaftion, and are 
not all men brethren ? 

Ah Should they prove victorious ? 

Cora. I willfly, and meet thee in the mountains. 

Ah Fly with thy infant, Cora ? 

Com. What! think you Y oiother, when flie 
ruiis front danger, can feelthe weight of her child ? 

Ah -Cora, my beloved, d<J you wifh to fet my 
heart at xeft? 




Cora. Oh yes t yes ! yes! 

Mn Hafttit ihtn now to the concealment in 
the mountain*; there dwells your father* antf 
there all offr matrttn«s and viigins, and our war- 
riors' offspring, are alotted to await the iffue bl 
the war. Cora will not alone refift her Kuf- 
band's, her fifterV, arid her monarch's Willi. 
*• Cora. Alonzo, I cannot leave you : Oh! hoW 
in every moment's abfcnce yfould fny fancy painf 
you wounded* alofte, abandoned ! No, no; I 
cannot leave yoa. c 

Ah Roila wilt-be ivith me, 

£dr*.; Yes, while the battle rages, and where 
it rages mod, bralre Rolla will be found. %t 
may reyenge, but cannot lave thee- To follow 
danger, he will leave even thee. But I have 
fWorn ndver (b fbrfafce the£ tiit Witji life. Bear, 
dear Alonzo! can you wifh that I fh<>uia ifreaK 
my vow ? v , ,*..*'.„ 

Ah Then be /it fb. Oh ! excellence |^: all 
that's great %it£ Ifahrely, in courage, %entlenf k A 
and truth fin y^ride^^ my all -t 'jCarf 

there on this earth jbe fools wfrq feelc fbrlta^^ 
nets, and pafe by love in the purfuit? t ;!:, ; 

Cora. Alonzo, I c|nnof thank yoft : ;fileft$b is 
the gtatttiidte of true affl^tioft % Who ] feeks tb 
follow it hy found will mif$ the track. fS&dtfr 
without.) l)bes t^e'ltim: approach ? y ^ 

^/T No, 'tis Hie <2e^^ 
that will furround the temple during the /acri- 
fice. T\& Rolfa ^me$v the firft and beftot 
heroes. (Wrimtits found*}! : f:y:i 

".yr Roll a. .;■-■ * 

Roh fas fnUf&ig*) Then place them oft ihjt 
hilt fronting the Spanifh camp, (inters.) 

Cora. Rolla ! my friend ! my brother! " ^ 

C Ah 





^ > 





C 1 ^ 


^A Jtolla ! my friend I n>y benefactor* hpw 
can our li^e& r^pay the obligations whicfc we 
owe you ? 

jfyk Palis them ip pes^e a$d bKl$.-7r-Lp t Rollsi 
witnefs it, he is overpaid. 

Carar. Look on this child— He is the life* 
blood of my heart ; h*?fc *C ? v <? r he loves or rcK 
yp;^thee lels than his own father, hi$ inpthe^s 

'^i^:"0^%^ more !— What iacaifijee h?ve I 
made to merit gratitude ? The obje<9t of myjove 
was Cora's happinefs,-7-4 tee her ^ppy.^-Is not 
myobje a fj^i^^ i«r!^i|it| t ^|i^ ii^^lfd, ? r ^9s^ 
Cqra, liften to a ficiendfs . ^dsffc^f ^pu ^n5u0 
^way ; you muft feek tK$ laer^d ^gye^n^, the 
tinprofan'd recefs, whither, after thi$ dayVfor 
crifiee,our matrcM3^ and;^^^ J?i|gins of $hq 

' Cera. Not fecure with Alonzo and with thee, 

m^fjf. have heard Pj^arrp'siplan is to fur-? 
frrii£ fis* — rThy prefeqee, CQra* r cannQt aid^ hut 


!i1 MKS 




" ctt*"*f^ 1 <„ 

leads us from the foot where 

thsit the beloved 


\. 4 

Cora. This tifnid c^cdfe bf love, p^uqiig 
fear inftead of valofdrv ftatfters/hur does not con~ 
viixce rile t f he Wife is incredulous. 
< i?$. And is the mbtfrdf unbelieving, too.? 

Qofra. Nb ihlio¥e^]>o" with- me as ^w plje^fe> 
My friend, trif hufbfihd ! place ixie^^ere you 

./* .'■■'i 

^Af. IMPjr adbred I we thank you both. (March 
wiihoiJt:J Ifark ! the King ap|5^pa|^^ to -$£ 

pfti(l^##-A^l^VSint or tjriine, I ^^^iiiifuffillg^ 
i^K^lhiif fuelled or tifeaeheroul, J know nof& 

J5^/. (It titatters liqt. We are everf ^rhete 
prepared. Come* Cora, upon the 3lt|x . 'mid 
$ie rocfks IHd&lt itttjclliiii a l^E^&^mxmtM* 

The pjidtis ^ 

atidkitioth^^ htatt, tffesfi pig |^n^^|aft)|cy| 

%he temple tf the Sufci 4t mprefcm fh$km§ti^ 
cento $ Permnan idtthtry^ inifa^SMenWl^ 

ffing er^mot^i/lik of the ^n^^SMMXti 

- Ml ^lebinS, P 

uifnphy^ hartd.-^fti Cork.) Blefs'di be the ob- 
ject bf ~f h<S Mfr*y mbtlte^ Ib^l.^ \\.' ;^ !, 

ift^ Iti tlti Mllare 6f \U childreti Jij^s 

M^m^M k ilM^M^iit^ Fnehds, ^MtMjSf 
^hipfet of % qM (o^it^ ?: ; / f j 1 

IJ^ SiieM as lacime the eaufe which 

C 2 fupport; 


jotty their cry is. Victory or death! our 
Kihgf! bitr 'Country { and our God! s 

Jta. Thou, Roltoi In ^He hour of peril, h^ 
beep wont td animate the fpirit of their leaders, 
ere ^e proiceed to conlecrate the banners which 
th^il#^kAow$ (bwell'tb guard. ; 

'-■' JJfl^ ^fct*ncvcf'wa8\ih<t''.Bi6ur of jperil near, 
when to infpire them words were fb littje need- 
ed.- My brave affoci^s-^artil^rs pf my tqil, 
rny jSelirf^ atfd my fame I— ^a^ 'Bella's ^vords 
i&iici ifigotir to the virtuous "^ 
ipire y diir hearts ?^~^p~ Voif liav&3 udged a^ 
J h^ve, the foulnefs of ItKC Crafty pfe* by which 
plf| bpld invaders would Cdeji^ you^l^ur 
g^rierotis fpirit lias coin J^r^ • as mine has^ ^c 
motives,; Which, mJ|t wair like this, can animate 
#&r rtiittds, ;:ttd*ft>|f^ 3^ fttapge 

i^^driv^/^hitifor po^^, Jor pl^ncle^, and 
f xtelided rtite— -we, forotif country, bur altars^ 
srid out- homes. — They fblloW ah adventurer 
whopfi they fear — and obey a power which they 
hat^— ?we ferve a Monarch whom we love— a 
God whom we adore .—Whene'er they tndve iti 
anger, defolation tracks their progrefs !— - — 
!V^hef0?er ttoeiy paufe in amity, affliction mourns 
their .-ft iendfiup I— -They boaft , they lebme but to 
improve our ftate, enlarge our thoughts/ and 
free us froni the; yoke of error !— Yes— they 
wiil^ifc t ^1igKtplied ft^ccJoin to wr minds, 
M^lte atfclim^^ 

and pride*-— -^They offer us their protection— 
*$£*§ MS prote&ion as viiltureis give to lambs! 
*g^^ them I^They^ p^lf 

on us Ib^irtfcr all of good we have inherited and? 
proved, f$r the defperate chance of ^^etliingi 
better wl^ch th<?y promifciH^Be lour plain ^an- 

A TRAGIC ft AY. 23 

fwer this: The throne we horiou* is the Wo- 
plb s Choice — the laws we reverenc* are pur 
brav? Fathers' legacy— -the faith w* follow 
teaches us to live in bonds of charity wiih fcfi 
mankind, and die with hbpe of Hifs beyond the 
grave. Tell your invaders this, and tell therii 
too, tye fcek nafehange ; and, lead of all> fiich 
change as they would bring us. 

0rumpits found. 
Am. (EmhratingRxMz^ Now, holy friends* 
ever mindful of thefe faerted truths, bdgiii ih£ 
faqfifice, (AJblemn proceffton commences fi^cn* 
the recefs of the Tetnpk above the JiHa?S$he 
Briefs and Virgins of the Sun arrange ibifih 
fehes fin either fder-tfte Htgh^Brieft tipfemMs 
the Altar, and the ^fi^mt^ ^glM^^f^^^^*- 
tion ef tk \High-PrieJl y'is^j^kbed;}ity\4biM& 
ruffes of the Priffiand¥rtgim^M&&ffi 
tights upon the AJteir^^hei^hote c^^ly Hf^y 
and jm in the Wh^fik/gmir^,) ?Gxxt oBetibgii 
accepted.— Now to arms^ my friends, j^ggafe 
for battle. , 




Enter Orano; 

...... - • .* 

Or a* The enemy ! 

Ata. ||©wne^p^v ,-/; „•. • \.\ f .: . * J>'2 
jt^kn.^P^x^:M^ts Sfow* -e'en now as Jfe 

o'er^looked -|JtM3ljct\ ^c^^^.-,4^dfil9^pi^Br. -I- r-B^^ ^*^ 5 ^^ r ^ e 
Whole ii^ mofiic^ ; with eager haife they marefi 
to wards our d«ferted caitip, ai if apprized of Mm 

moft fakmii^%^i^Sii;0t itmrh !:>if til % t'h i 
Ro^ They muft be jp?fc before they^iadh ifc 
s4t£it Afn4 y f u, my ^pj^tf ^11 w tA yofur^^i 

Q&Udrf n, away to |he appointed .place of fafety. 

C 3 Cora* 



& ■ 

i» : 

; -, ■ 










Cora. Oh, Alonzo ! (Embracing him. J 

Ak We (hall meet again, 

£f(m> weft us once more, ere you leave us. 
: r jAh> Heai7£n proteft and bleft thee, my be- 
ipvedi jM and thee,i m v innocent 1 
t Aia* Hafte, haftej — each moment is pre- 
cious 1 ■ -,..i ■ ; f 
4 Coitfa. Farewell, Alonzo ! Remember thy life 
is mine. 
X^RoL Nofcon^ fare well to Rolla ? 

Gora. {Giving Mm her J<i/h/./ Farewell ! The 
GredfJil war be with youv: but, bring me hack 
Alonzo. t , < $j£%it niQith thi chi/d* 

:] 0gl^^i)rtfiws his faord;)* TSov^ my brethren, 
illy Cons, my friends, I know your valouri^H— 
^|il|^ aflail us, beidelpair the laft 

f§p\mg of your heart^^f (uccefsful, Jet mercy 
^^jfe% ft. M t Alonzo, x t o iyou I |pve to deftrnd 
the narrow paffage of the mountains. On the 
righ^^litlie iirftod? he Rolla's 4tati4h. vlbr me, 
Jtmi|U^^ 0iem,i t and 

fight until "I ;fee,my pe^pleilavedy orithe^ 4>ehold 
their monarch iali. Be the word o£ battle— 
Go4 ! and our ^native land. (A march.)' 

. .■ [Exeunt. 



The Wood between the Temple 'atid the Camp, 

Enter RdtiM iriirf Afstlii^l 

Ei 4x0*4 xicrc, i«iy xipiiju§ 

fftilt^ toMeet agiain in tirttttft 



s lur^? part to afteef no mchre* 

Rolk, a moment V paufc i w#tte *et ^foreW 


army's Arength ; one earned word at part- 
ing* ***.■ 

-ft?/. There is in language now no word but 
battle. / * 4 ^ v ' '- 

At. Ye$j>t>ne word more—Cora ! 

Rah Gora I Speak * , v 

-^/. The next hour brings us — 

ife// Death or vi&ory ! - '* 

AL It may be vi&ory tp one— death to the 

i?^A Of both may fall. , 

./£/. if fa, my wife and child I-bequ^ath , to 
the j>r6t€Nftion of Heaven and my J&ogT But 
ihould I only fall, Rollaj ht thou *ny heir* 
1C0/. flow r 

if/* Be Cora thy wife— be thou a father to 
my child. t 

**A' Route &(•<•, Ajqnzq IBahiOi. tliefe W 

mid fancies.^ ^./ 3^ 4 , : ; f J /%i , _ .. f ^ : 

.#/. Rplla ! 1 have^lripd in, y^i% and cknnot 
fly from the forefepdmg jyhtch 
thou fcnpw'ft ivwili i?0,£ ffiake i»fe ia4ie fight : 
but give h£ ? j®wjj jcp^;-^^ v , 4 Vv, -.♦/;.-,*)■ 

JRi?A If if be* Cor^s wilt— Yes^-I jj^omtfe^ 
(Gives his hand.) /■ t # - , * r v v 

AL Tefll her, it w^$ iny laft wtfh? and bear 
to .IfeFaftffb my Ion* my Kft TSleffiM^-i l 

A^/. I wi|hr--Now thmjo Qu^jjipfts, lafld let 

ou k: fvr<» r 4 s ;.Mf ;for „us.; • (^ </«^ ; **«r 

words.) " i ^ , '-^ .," ' y . ;.' ;;, , „ * : ^; : . ;-; 

J ., * . 1 tor f* 

I. ■ "* 

ay///// dtf event ways. Alarms without 

:a.«;-v- Oi-it J^l"fe» f> -^-*A- i fc^i'Si :,.m3</jV:H 

;■'•': "•.■.,■■?,'. ■ » :■ . i* -- i . ^ ; .. i I | ^Cif^U fr ___,V* ^p| H^ai. s 

.» . i %+" 

|t)f| t |jl>f^i«ff|ij- .i|^| 




c» \ 






'I * 


A View of the Peruvian Camp, with a dijtant Vietir 
of a Peruvian Village* Trees growing from a 
rocky Eminence* on one Side. Aldrtiif continued. 

Enter an Old blind Man and a Bey* 

O. Mam Have ilone returned to the camp ? 

Boy. One meflenger alone. From the temple 
they all march!d to. meet the foe. 

Oi Mdm t&tk! I hear the din of battle* 0\ 
had I ftill^ttiil'd fnf fights I might noyr have 
gralp'd^afivbrdjattd died a foldier's death ! Are 
we quite alone ? f 

Bfy. Yes t-~-i ho£e my father wiltbe fafe ! 

©. Man. Hfe will do his duty. I api more 
'M&tjj^ | 

Boy, I can ftay witjh you* deaiVgf ^dt^ther. 

#iSjS7pl Bur fhould Ihe ek^my corner 
^Udi^lfitfe ft^ime^^lk^. 

^8i§,^ for they witt 

fee at once that you are old and blind, and can* 

O. JW<i/** Poor child ! you little know the* 
hearts df thel&;pi]b^ of can- 

non ^eard^^M I ifci ^rtoife i^eaf^-1 hear the 


my count |j , cy prayers. Heaven 

4jjj$^^vli^^^ running*-*' 

" ««• Spaniards, boy .?; - : - 
Fmo) ferufiansl 

0. Jfa«i 


G* Alan. How ! and flying from the field \-r 
It cannot be. 


... -&//#r /wa Pitumam Soldiers. 

* * 

O fpeak to them* boy!— -Whence come you ? 
How goes the battle ? '* 

Sol. We may not (lop; we ate fent for the 
referve behind the hill. The day's again ft us. ' 

[Exeunt Soldiers. 
O. Mart. Quick, then, quick ! 

i%. I fee the points of l^ice%lkterinj* in 

the light : T : Jur, - : : 'l < •>:•■:.-; -...■<. ■■•! 

O.Man. Thfcfe* are Beriivian^; Do they bend 

this way ? ; . % 

> * Eitter a Periiwgn &ldhr. 


.%. ^Soldi^^lp^ftk'^ 'll^.ifllfiPi^ father- N 

&/. Tm feht to tell the helpte^ father t plre- 

treat ariipn^ tfe rocks^ V^^^^loi^.:l t fe»i 

The King is wounded, _ ^ ,, : > ;\ 

O.Marh Quiclc, bo^f X^ad me to the Mil, 

where thou may 'it view jtlie^ain. (Alarms^ 

Enter Atalib a, 'wounded, iuitt> ORAko, "'£^£ 
: cersycwd [Soldier?. 

4t(h My wound? is bound j beliiite nrc, the 
hurt i$ i|#liiiifp^ $ 

Oft?. Bzrdon y&ur I fetvatttt j but >*«th£> atfeed 
prieft ^who attends the* faired banker has pro- 
nounced that the Incals blood once fMdf M 

U^gg^m^^l^J^f^^^^^' hb feaite the 

field, j &*r.j ^ir^'^is^ciuw yrvH-- ;"; folk-Y^'i" 

-^i. Hard reftraihtBl^ 
diers !— Hard that I may no longer be a witnefs 


t>f their Valduf. tiut hafte you; itttirn to 
your comrades: I will not keep one foldier 
from his poft. Go, and avenge your fallen 
brethren. {JExim£>rzxio> Officers % and Soldiers .] 
I will not repine; my own fate is the latt 
anxiety of my heart. It is for you,* my people, 
that I feel and fear. 

Old Man and \Bey advance* 

; Q,M$n* ©id I [not hear the .Voice of an un- 
fortunate ?-*-Who is it complams thus I 
: Afa> One jilitiaft by hope forfakeiv 

O. Man.Js the King alive ? 

Ata. The King Rill lives. 

O. Man. Xheii thou art not forfakeir? Ata- 
Jiba protects $i<» roeaneft of his fuBjeas. 

Ata, At# xttfc fi*#i j^6te& Ateliba ? 

G. ^Ilfyir; The itntpoirtai JEWers, that proteft 
tfoe jirfk The vfavt® of m* Mbnaft* alike ft- 
cure to him the affe»ipn # his people and tHe 
bem^n regard of B&frem \ 

Ata. Ho^ iVnpiouSy by I murmured ! Bow 
wopdrous* thou fupreme^DHpofer, are thy a£h I 
Even in this moment, which I had thought the 
bittereft trial of mortal fufferingjthou haft infufed 
the fweet$$ fenfation df my life— it is the af- 
furan^eH^ niy people's love. : 
t -$$. f^uirnwgjbr%vard,j O, father I— Stran- 
ge^ (if the&hideous! men that rufli upon u$ 
yqncJerJt rr ., f5s v >■ _ A , - ,,j ? . „ 

t ^4ta. llai Spaniards |^#- And L~Ataliba— 
ill-fated fugitive, without a fword^even to tif 
the, ranfpm of a tnonatth: life. ^ ,, 


4 TRAGIC JW.AY. ftp 

Ifiwfer Bavjlla, AlWgko, and Spanijh Sol- 

Dav. 9 T\s he — our hopes are anfwered — I 
know him well— it is the 4ting ! 

Aim. Away ! Follow with your royal prize. 
Avoid thofe 'Peruvians* though in flight. This 
way we may-regain our line. 

[Exeunt Davilla, Aimagro, .and Soldiery 
with Ataliba pr if oner. 

O. Man. The King! Wretched old man, that 
could not fee- his gracious form !-^-Boy, would 
thou hadit-led me to the reach of thofe ruffians* 
Iwords I 

Boy, Father! all pur countrymen are flylttg 
here for refuge. 

®*Man. No— to the refcue of their Kingr-- 
they never will defert him* {Altirmt without.) 

J^intir )Mwmnm Qjficem mdJioldiem* flying acrtff* 
ihejlage; Orano following. 

Of a. IJold, I charge you f Roll? xv$l$ yp^ 
Officer. , We cannot combatwit]^ their dres^r 

Miter RoLLA, 

Rol. Hold, recreatits ! towards JMWlhat fear 
ye death, and^ fear tm (hame ? By my Xfotfs 
fliirySt I" cleiveAto the earth -the^ firft^df'ybiu that) 
ftirs,i or plung yoi|r d&ftard $#ords into /A y6tyr 
leader's heart, that hjr ^ nidit may Wftnefe 
yoijr disgrace. * Wfc&re '4* ifei Kin^? " a 
i £)*^* T Ffoi*i this bid* man arkhBoyl Ifelrn " that 
the detachment -of Httoe enemy which you oh* 
-* i ferved 

3<* • rtzARRb: 

ferycd-fo fudd-enly to quit the field, haye/uc* 
ceedcd in furpriiing him ; rhey are yet in fight. 

RoL And bear the Inca off a prifoncr ? — Hear 
this, ye bafe, difloyal rout ! Lobk tlnfre ! The 
duft you fee hangs on the bloody Spaniards' 
track, dragging with ruffian ttfiinte your King, 
your father i— : Ataliba in bondage. Npifcr fly* 
and feek your own vile fafety, if you can. 

O. Mam Blefs the voice of Rolla— and bleft 
the ftroke I once lamented, W which now fpares 
thefe extinguiflied eyes the fhame of ferfftg the 
pale trembling wretches ^rho dare not follow 
Rblla though to ia^e iheir Kingl 

Rol. Shrink ye from the thunder of Zx jfoe-r* 
and fall ye not at this rebuke ? Oh !; had ye 
each but one drop of the loyal blood which 
gufhes-to^afte .through ite brave heart of this 
fightlefs veteran \l Eternal (hdme purfue you, if 
you defert me now ! — But do— -alone I go — 
^ner~to die whh ^glory by my -monarbK^ 
fide ! 

Soldiers, Rolial we'll follow thee., (trumpets 
found j Rdlla l Yujhes o&% /dittoed tyQxzxi6,XJjffi** 
arsyatiii l Soldiers:*)* 

O. Man. O godlike Rolla I— And thou fuf>, 
fend from thy clouds aVenging lightning to his 
aid !-— Hafte, my boy ; afcend iome height, and 
tell to :^impati(||it terrbr what thoUtfifdfo 
* &kjjh- ; /#WWR clkn^Mthis roek,iand the* tree above* 
C4fc^ ^mk into the irek,)0 

--now ;| ;%.#§ iti-^r^owh^yea^end thei Spa*, 
wards turning hgr thecfleQiK v f '„, : / 
O. Man. Rpjfci follows them? . 
$m &$ does^he does— he moves llike jin 
S^w^i^ he wa^sAfears^ 


( Report of cannon heSrd,) Now 'there is fife *nd 

O. Man. Yes, fire is the weapon of thofe 

Boy. The ttind blows off the ("moke: they 
gre all mixed together. 

O. Mah. Seeft thou the King? 

Bey. Yes—Rolla is near him! Hi* fword 
(beds fire as he ftrikes ! 

O. Man. Blefs thee, Rolla ! Sparc not the 

Boy\ Father! father! the Spaniards fly{— O 
—now I fee the King embracing Rolla. (Wa*o* 
ing his cap for joy. $houts of viBory\ flourifh of 
trump>ets % t&c. ) 

0. Man, IfFiills on his knees*) Fountain of life ! 
how can my exh&ufted preach bear to the? 
thanks for this one mpm^nt of my life ! ftfy 
boy* come down, sjud let m$ fcift thp^IVJy 
ftrengtb is gone ! (The B^y haying rim to the Old 

Boy* Let me hslp you, fathe*~You trembk 

O. Man. 'f is with tranfport, boy ! 

IBoy leads the Old Man cj\ 

.A - . 

Shouts, Flourifh^ feV. l 

Enter Ataliba, Rolla, and Peruvian Officers 

.and Soldiers. 

Ata. In the name of my people, th$ faviour 
of whofe fovereign you have this day been, ac- 
cept this emblem of his gratitude. ( Giving Rolla 
his fun of diamonds.) The tfcar that falls up ^n it 
may for a moment dim its Juftre, yet doe* it 
not impair the value of the gift. 

D Rch 

3* -PKAaRo: 

Rot. It was the hand of Heaven, not nrinf , 
that laved my King. 

Enter Or a no, and Soldiers. 

Roh Now, foldicr, from Alonzd ? 

Ora. Alonzo's genius foon repaired the panic 
which early broke our ranks: but I fear -we 
have to mourn Alonzo's lofs ; bis eager /pint 
urged him too far in the purfuit ! ■*- 

Ata A . How ! Alonzo flaiiv? 

iff. Sol. I faw him fall. 

/2,d. : Sol. Truft* me t beheld him *ip again and 
fighting — he was then Surrounded and difarmed; 

Ata. O ! vittory, dearly r purchafed ! 

Rol. O Cora ! Who (hall tell thee this ? 

Ata. Rolla, our friend is loft-o-oijr native 
country faved! Our private forrows muft yield 
to the public claim for triumph. Now go we 
to fulfil the , firft, the. mod facred duty which 
belongs to vi£lory~to dry, the widowed and 
the orphaned tear of , tbofe whofe brave pjrotec- 
-tors have perifhed in their country's caufe. 

IfTriumpbant march t and exeunt* 



Ji -fraGjc PtAI. 39 

ACT Hi. 

A ivild Retreat among fatperidous Rocks.—Com 
and her Child* with other Wives and Children 
of the Peruvian Warriors, are fcattered about 
thefcene in groups. — Theyjing alternately f Stan- 
zas expreffsve df their 'fituatw, with ^Choru?, 
in "which all join* 


\Jl Peruvian Woman, 
ULUGA, fefcft thou nothing yet ? 
i ZuL Yes, two Peruvian foldicrs, one on 
the hill j the other entering the thicket in the 


jufe Per. Woman. One more has pafs'd.— He 
comes— but pale and terrified. 
% Cora. My heart will ftart from my bofom* 

Enter a Peruvian Soldier, panting for breath. 

Worn. Well 1 joy or death ? 
Sold. The battle is again ft us. The King is 
wounded, and a prifoner. 
Worn. Defpair and mifery ! 
Cora. (In a faint voice.) And Alonzo ? 
Sold. I have not feen him. 
\Jl. Worn. Oh ! tyliither mud we fly ? 
id. Worn. Deeper into the foreft. 
Cora. I (hall not move. 
Another Peruvian Soldier, (without.) Vi&ory! 

vi&ory ! / "' 

He enters ha/lily. 

Rejoice ! Rejoice ! We are vi&orions ! 

D 2 Worn. 

■ * ; "tart ' ' ' * 

^Wom. (Springing up.) Welcome ! welcome I* 
tftou mefienger of joy : but the King V 

Sold* He leads the brave warriors, who ap- 

(The triumphant warchttf the army is heard at a, 
diJiame.—The Women and Children Jmn in a 
Jltain exprejjive of ' amciety and exuti^ 
Warriors enter fwgjing the: Song tf Yjitor^ in 
which rail join.-^The Kmg and IIqlla fofkw % 
and aire, met with rapturous and djfeflknate refi- 
p$3. Cora, during, this Jcene+ with 
in her am$ $ runs through the rwi+Jhatchinfrand 
inquiring fir Alonzo.}- 

Ata. Jhanlb» thanks, m% cftildrerij I jam 
well: belfeie it; the blood onicc ftpJ^^^Jtriy 
virouiT^ws^nothing. (Corf at length- approaches 
Rolfe, 'k$fc. appears to h&vi hen vwurnfully avoiding 
her*) Where i$ Alonzo I 

Corq. f Falling at the M^ifim)^ CfiVe nicffifc 
hufliand, give this chili! His father. \ v 

Cora. Hopy you M fiiidhim? 
4la* Mpf an^owlj^ 

Cora, $taliba I is he not dead 2: ^ ' . 

Ata. JNo! the Gods ynjll ha^ei^ard our prayers*. 
Cora* \$ he not dead, Ataii&4 2} 

Ata.^ He ii^eiwlp myi heart. ,, 

Cora* QhJciirg !! torture me not thus ! (peak 
out, is this child fatherlcfs ? 

jrfte. Deareil Cora | do not thus dafh-ajSde 
the little hope tibat? ftiilreniains. 
; Cora* The little h6pe ! yet i^ll tKefeiir JippeJ" 
Speak to me, RolU ; ^« are thp firii^dof truth. 

^Rot. Alonzo has ftot been found. 

Gora. Nt>t found ! What mean you f will not 


jpif, Rolla, tell me the truth ? Oh ! let me not hear 
the thunder rolUng^t a.diftan<?e ; lest the bolt fall 
and crufli my brain at bnee^-Say not that he i$ 
not found : fay at once that he is dead. 

Rot. Then fhoulri- I fay falfe. 

Cera. Falfe! Bleffings <pn thee for that word ! 
But fiiatch me from this terrible folpence. Lift 
up thy little hands, my child j perhaps thy igno- 
rance may plead better than thy mother's atgony. 

Rot. Alonzo is taken prifoner. 

Cwa. Prifoner ! arid J^y the Spaniards I Ft?ar- 
ro's prifoner ? Then is he dead* 

■At*. Hope better— the richeftranfpm which our 
realm can yield, a herald (naif this inflant begr. .. 

E$r. Women. (Jh ! for Alonzo's ranfom^our \. 
goW, pur gems !— all ! all f< — Here^dearjGora^ 
—-here ! here ! / 

(Jgb&Pmiviian Wome& eagerly tear off" all tAefc 
ornaments y and rim and take ilxm^$t<thei* 
children^ioxjffer thempQorvn) ^ ,; 

^tf/tf. Y^s, 4or Alonzc^s ranfom- they would ' 
give all !— I thatifc thee, Father, ^h^yhaft j;iven 
me fuch hearts to rule over ! >1 31? ^ 

^Cora.- Now one boon mbre,b^bv^monart:h» 
Let me go: with the hewUl^ A > ■ 

Atn. ,K emember, Cora, thou art riot affile onIy t > 
but a mother too :> hazard not your own honour, 
an4 the (af^y^>f ]$ti^nlaiit. Among .thefe -Bar* 
barrian* the fight of <thy ypiithi^thjr ipwlmeft, tjnei 
innocence, ^uldb^ttiVett ^(^r^ur^ippit^s 
chains, and rack hi$ heart with added fears for 
tbee^WaU* Cora, the^ettfrtr 0f i^e l^alliJ * 

Cora, v^tjjri^ 
> At*. Nowise ga fo 4ffef tixxtit Goisy thankg 


36 PtXARR'o: 

8&M& ir. 

The Wood. - % - - 

Enter C,o% A.: and Child* 

innocence, v^hat will become ofi 

»r *, 

v JfeUCfei^, I attertd thy fummons at th f ap* 

pointed fpot. 

fi <%mO toy child^ my boy ! haft thou ftiii 

zfmkti . * 

^*fflfi &om> can thy child be fethetlefs, while 

.{4^1% .Will he not foon want a mother (too ?-^ 
For ^fc thou think I will furvive ^lonso's 

te0^m ; r ;,. ;• .; -,-::> -. - >.*;.• 

44&& : T|| t foir Ins cWM^ ©fe^^Ye^ a$ thou 
didft lo?t%iipnzb f Cota, ]$en td Alpnzq's 

ftfentfe \ ,■;>•' . 

Cera. ¥ 11 Vid me Ji fieri to the world.— Who 
Was riot-A^jwYfriend ? -V 

:3fo/. His parting words^**-* 
• tlrvi His partrofc *ordsl (#"^ P*> {peak I 

Jf#/. Confign'd to ten two precious trofts— hia 
Jflelng to his fon,,and si lift rcoaM to *hee; 

Cfcte. Hi* lafi reqdeft KM* itft^Mi name It 1 
-■ *jW. fflfall, faid hc^(knd M-fmmtifr 
fhook M**>$ie he fpofceWrottife,^: tafceja* 
Cora for thy wife i be thou a father to my child. 
—I pieced <riy word ® him, and we patted.-«v^ 
Ob&eine, Cora, I **peat thi* only, a. in- ' 

"-.-■ ..., 



4, Hal does niy itafon fail me, or what 


A til AMI it 4*. 3|: 

is this libririct light that ^ 
Oh, Albriza! It may b^ thtijirliaft fallen a ^i^ujgt; 
to thy own guttelefs heart— hadft thgu '•■* been 
filent, hadft thou not made a fatal/ legacy of : 

th$fe ^wr?tche4 eMrms^ \ V 

j^K^i^p^mh^t hateful, fufpicion > has pot, 

fefle&>thykmihd li 

Cohi* $€£ r yes* 'tis clear— hi* ^ritjjwa^ieh* 
foar'd ; he #as led to the fatal ipot^^^er^ fn^ 
tal valour* cotiidL not front a jhofi of murderers«-r-- 
Hc jfell^— in Main ^ did he ekelaim for hftp to 
Rolls. At a diftance you Jook'd on and toilet 
■W You jcould have laved him—could *— but %<d|d 

not. /',,.' V ■•» 4 *"-- ; ' 

■ Jtfci 6b, |Idrious fan H cati I have defend 

this ? (|^| raificr bid me (Eriktt^/fvb^;--^^^ 
ihy heart/ v""" : * ; «,' 

thou feekeft^whofe bloffbms. are to {hootilrti)f|, 
M bWedihg grave; qf thy bfctray'd Jaiiff flaugh- 

fojt words 4 ofm^Jl^fe- $fe m hm* mim^ 

Soomet fhaU this ^®f^^ 

tortured h^aft*^feoner ■) J*&uld Mi»k ^n& fa the 

pallid i^fe : tff tli!5%>e#^ 

Mlith Alomzo, than fee#*dW^f^ther---than I 

^U IU«a huftftnd !* * VV 

lfo& Yctcstt liic what I am— thy friend, thy 
protestor ! i 

*--*«*■■ ..»*: 

ftorbut my God'. — Wil 

te&or but my God'. — With this child in my ww 
will I hafteji t o . |h<? fi$d m* daughter— Th«e 
with the$ hand' **» l tar ? U P * MW»t««I 

■iS*i:^a : «rf 

figut'a, the fweet T^e of m 
fearful crki I wOl thriek out ! 

3 &* . , ." r. ■„^;'d'?y ■ *?•' •*•:> ,..-.v' n . > tern* 

3$ ^iZHROr, 

v^ms f«ap. Hf the fmalleft fparkof Jife remains* 
he will know the voice of his Cora, open for a 
momenthis unflifotided eyes* and blefs me witK 
a laft look; Bti^if iwe find him hot — £Jhl fhen* 
my boy, we will 4 to the Spaniih camp— that loolc 
of thine* will-win ma paflage, through a thoufeh<T 
fwords'— They too are men.— Is there a heart 
that cppljd cirive back the .wife that feeks her 
bleeding hufthnd 5 or the innocent babe that 
cries for his imprifon'd father ? C No, jio, rWyf < 
child, every --where we (hall be iafc.— A wretch- 
ed mother bear Jug a poor orphan in her arms r * 
has Nature's p a fTBbrt through the world. -<*' Yes, 
yes, my fon, #<ft) go and Teek thy father— — r * 

[Exrtwithtbe C&ilrft. 
'MfihjfJtfftk a paufe < bf agitation.) 1 Could I have 
merited one breath of thy reproachfes, Cora, V < 
fhould be the wretch— I tlvink I was not formed > 
to be.-.HEH: fafety;mail be my prefent purpofe^ 
then to convince bet {hehas wronged me ! [£W*. 

SCENE lim 


Piz AR R o, traverfing, the fcene. in gloomy wd f 

furisw agitation* > 

■ * - - * 

Well, capricious idol, Fortune, be- my ruhr 
y work and boaft.- - Fo myfelf I wiH ftjll be 
lr ^e.-— Yet ere I fall, grant me thy fmile to pro4 
i|>cr itt^oiie m^l of: vengeatm^, -and be that fmile 
Alon^o's deatHr : i * j 

ll^t^l^? jrhti^iffeg intrude ? Why flow 
necledt their diitv^? 

. i pur guard did, what. they touldSieil 

y * 


. * A THA^ie ft AY. 3p 

they knew their, doty better than to enforce itt# 
thorny, when I refufed obedience. 

P/il And what is it you defite ? 

J?/#. To fee how a hero bears mi&fotftfnc.*-^ 
Thou, Fizarro, art not now colle£led^-not thy* 
felf. . ; v 

Pm. Wbuidft thou I* (hould rejoice 'thfct the 
fpears of the enemy, led bynaccurs'd Alonzo, have 
pierced the braveit hearts of my followers? ,j 

Mliu No f^4 would have thee cold and dark 
as the Aight that follows the: departed ftorm f 
ft il) and ftillcn as the a wf id ( paiife that preceded 
Nature'* <#BViiife>ri: yet I would havi th^rleel 
affbred that a new morning, ihaU nifc$ when the 
warrior's fpirit lhall ftalk forth— nor f&r the fti# 

ture^ nor lament the pm* ■*/ ' 

j%?i Woman j |!*p§!*^^ art all 

my men hearts life; thine li 1 "'";;, 

22te Tl^tt^^uH^Kf bNws h*i* i toi* cla^ 
urom the crown b|l Q|it<n:3 ?.- 

Ms* Oil l^fiop^ fcifc ^i* wfcU* th&* fcotfl^fi 
of my life and fome^^oftzo, leads the enfcmjfi 

JElfa* fSzarrb* t air come to Ri^bte; the litero 
farther : hot how- His courage, but hie magnani* 
mity^~Alon2b^syo(Ulr j^rHbieK ' ' * 

now df^g|£dx iii eh^iifsr Stftt£rift ^ut^inp. I 
chofe t<3vbiru% ^0ii>t$e^MJ^ 

in my pow<e^ !r-theik I an#4he^^^ 

vi£^y is%ka !^ ' '"^ """;*, Vc$ : *4 

EIu$ Efearro,, thi^^ is layap ae#; ^^jjmiy 

triumpfi... Believe mc,- you raife impatience in 

my mind to fee the tnan whofe^yilo^tv 1M& 
wliofe genius, awe Pizarro *£ wl^jfe^hf&rtiAift 


4* PIZARRO ?; < 

are Ptzarra's mumpU ; whofe bandage is Pi? 
zarro's fafety.. s 

Piz. Guard X^EnUr Guard. )— Drag here 
the Spanish prifoner, Alonzo I ^(^ckbnngthe 
traitor here. [JZxU Guard* 

Eh. What (Hal) be his fate V r ; 

Piz. D^rth I deathr ! "in. Trngeripg torments! 
protracted to r he laft ftreteh that jiurntn^vejtif 
geancfc cart vdcwfe,.* and faintingvMfe fuft$inv 
* is/v. Shame on thee ! CWilt thpijr have Jt laid 
that (he Peruvians iound Pizfrro could not con* 
cftier till Alonzo, felt that he could murder? 

■JRw* 3% it Jaid^rl care not. Wis fate^ is levied* 

JK/vf J?olt<p«r theii thy w ill : Jbutraark ftie i Or 
bafely thou dofi fhedv rl^ blood-of this bray e " 
youth, Elvira's loft to thee for even 
% f Pi$* Why t1iia*intereft*4br a ifaranger ? .Whiat * 
is AIonzoY fate to thee I / . 

:£^tfKfcfoe^!^ft^ «; 

thing !-^hin^ft ^ : 

fa rmcj ©f -honour, and a jti ft re no wn £— Know 
me better; o . 

Pm., Thou fhouldft liaire known me fetter. '% 
Thou (houldft have, k no w a , thai v voncj^iipyolced 
to haite:, I am forever <fix£$ imvetliiscance.----— - 
(Alonzo *> brought in % in chaihs guafmd^^j^^^ 

leom^ ^eleomc^ tkm Alonzo jde Molina v 'tis 
Ung'^^^^hdm^ met | th^ ixi^aded^ IqoIcs 
fhauld fpeak a life o£ ruraiirJdlflenGe;. t H<w ^ 
it that amid the ioUa and <^re^ofr *mr thoudqlt 
prefervls the healthfat htibm tofltSMDefefe eafc ? 

not toofit by it* Whatever the 


P/J5. Sarcaflic boy ! • 

t£h. Thou art anfwered tightly; Why fport 
*mth the unfortunate ? 

Biz* And thoju art* wedded too* I hear ; aye, 
and the father of a lovely boy— the heir, no 
iSoubt, of all his father'* loyalty •, of all his mo- 
ther's faith. 

At. The heir, I rruft, of aUhis father's fcorn 

bi fraud, opprtffion, and hypfccrify— the heir, I 

hope, of all 4iis mother's virtue,. ,gentlenefs, and 

i truth — the heir, I anrfure, to all Pisarro's hatis. 

Biz, Really! Now do I feel for this poor or- 
phan ; for father lefs to-morrow's fun (hall fee 
that child. Alonzo, thy hours are numbered. 

Ehi Kzarre— -no! 

Fix. Hence— or dread my anger, 

Efo. I witt not hence \ nor do I dread thy 

Ml Generous lovelinefs ! fpare thy unavail- 
ing pity. Seek not to thwart the tiger with his 
prey beneath his fangs. 

JP/z. Audacious rebel ! Thou, a renegado from 
thy monarch and thy *God ! 


4fiz. Art thou not, tell m^, a deferrer from 
thy country's legions— -and,, wi*b yile heathens 
leagued, chaiil thou not warred againft thy native 

•j AL No ! Deicrterlain none! Twasnotbprii 
among robbers I pirates ! tnurdcrers 'WWlhen 
thofe legions^ lujred by* the abhorred l^uft of>jgpld| 
and by thy fouj ambition, urged, ibrgot tteho- 
* WMwMf {paftitians, and foiiook th* dutierofJiu- 
nmn^yt^H^ defer ted me. I haveiiotvwarred 
ag^^iwy native land* but agaihft thofeiwho 
|i«w: llfurped its power* The banners of my 


4$* VUftRRO : 


country, when firft I followed arm* tone? th 
them, were Juft ice, Faith, and Mercy. If thefe 
areheaten down and trampled under foot— I 
Jhave no country, nor eyifts the power entitled to 
reproach me with revolt. 
* Piz. The power to judge and punifh thee at 
leaft exifts. 

S J0« Where sire my judges ? 

Piz. Thou wouldft appeal to the war council ? 

Al. If the good Las-Cafas have yet a feat 
there, yea ; if not, I appeal to Heaven ! 

■ Piz, And to impofe upon the folly of Las- 
Cafas, what would be the excufes of thy treafon? 

Eh. The folly of Las^Gafaa I-^Such, doubt* 
lefs, his mild precepts feem to thy hard-hearted 
wifdom !— -O ! would I might have lived as i 
will die, a ibarer in the follies of Las-Cafas j 

Al. To him I (hould not need to urge the 
foul barbarities which drove trie from your fide ; 
;but I would gently lead him by the hand through 
all the lovely fields of Quito \ ihere, in many a 
fpot where late was barrennefs and vyafte, I 
would (how him how now the opening bloflbm* 
blade, or perfumed bud, fweet hafliful pledges of 
^delicious harveftj wafting their inccMe to the 
ripening fun, give c hear ful promife to the hope 
^of tnduftry. £hi% I would fay, is>my work ! 
Next I (hould tell how hurtful cuftoms, and far 
ipei^ttionsftiaii^aiKtliilteii, would fcfcen fcatter 
and difaiay the credulous mind* of thefe deluded 
innocents -, and then would I point out to him 
where now, in cluftered villages, they live like 
brethreiit focial and confidiqg* while through 
the burning day Content fits baifciiigfonrthe^hrck 
of Toil, till laughing Pafiime leada thenri<* t|ie 
Jiour of reft— -this too, is mine !— And proud*!- 



yet — at that ftill patife between exertion ; and *e- 
pole, belonging n6t to paftfme, labour, or IS 
reft,. Jbut unto Him who fandtions and ordains 
them all, I would (how hirri many an eye, ana 
many a hafrd, by getftlenefs* ftoni erjbr won, 
rat fed in pure devotion to the true dnd only 
God4— : this top J could tell him' is Abnzo f s 
work 1 — Then would Las-Cafas clafp me in his 
aged ^rnps ; from his uplifted eyes a tear of 
gracious thankfulnefs would fall updn ,my. head, 
and that one blefled dropwpuld be to me at .once 
this world's befl: proof, that I had afted rightly. 
here, jand fureft hope of my Creator's mercy and 
reward hereafter. 

Eh*. Happy, virtuous Ajtanzo ! And thou 
Piz-arrp, , woqldft appal with fear of death a man 
whothinks and> a&s as he does ! 

Piz. vDaring, obftmate enthufiaft ! But know 
the pious blefling of thy preceptor's tears clops, not 
await, thee here ! he "has .fled Jilce ibeer-rlike 
thee, no doubt, to join the Joes of. Spain. T/he 
perjloustFialofithenexi reward you hppe* .is pearer 
than ^Bijiaps. yqu*ve thought,; fot y by my r cojjn T 
try's, wrongs, and by mine own, tp 0|Orjpw*l 
fan (hall fee thy, deajh. ; 

]fify^ Hold !-^}Mrrp— hear^me |^If ? pot .air 

W*p JHftly* > kh ] N^ «*|1w* g'^th. Narne 
t»pt jtliylpquntry^ ;; wrongs*— His j?l<*m jhsyji^ve 
Ii9?/fcare ;»> tl^y Tifetitnient- *£hy fury *gp:i^0: c this 
SJ^ ^n<F deadjy „p^ic^al ,rer 

nmS^} $ ^t|lp i9"-^ttd # Y?R PPW ^|. f il||||ke d 
i^l&pvfefL : Ji\|l||| 'took avows jt^profan^^pt tjb f 
jname oO^ let 

him /arm, and, bid him to ,the field s on ■■ t tm» 


%r< " • ' ' ■' /&. 

44 pizarro: . 

Piz. Officious advocate for treafan— peace 4 
•—Bear him hence— he knovyshis leritenCe. 

Al. Thy, revenge is eager, and Tm thankful 
for it— 7 to ipe thy jiafte is mercy. For thee f 
fweet pleader in misfortune's caufe, accept my 
parting (hanks. 'This camp is not thy proper 
fphere. Wert thou ^mong yon Javages as they 
arc called, thou'dft find companions more conge- 
nial to thy Ireart. 

,Pi%. Yes; (he (hall hear. the tidings of thy 
death to Cora. r 

AL Inhuman man ! that pang at leaft might 
have been fpared me ; but thy *malice fhall nqt 
/hake my conftancy. I go to death — many {hall 
blefs, and none will curfe my memory. Thou 
ftill wilt live, and ftill wilt be— Fizarro. 

[Exit guarded. 

Elv. Now by the indignant fcorn that burns 
upon my cheek, my foul is foamed and fitkericd 
at the mean nefs of , thy vengeance. 

Piz. What has thy romantic folly aimed at? 
He is mine enemy, and in my power. 

E/v. He is ill your power, and therefore is no 
more an enemy. Pizarro, I demand not of thee 
virtue-4 afk not from thee noMenefc of /mind— 
I. require only juft dealing to the fame thou haft 
acquired ; be not the a Baffin of thine own re- 
nown. How often^have you fwora that the facn- 
fice which thy worulrous valours high report, had 
won you from fubducd Elvira, w^ the proudeft 
triiimph of your fame ? Thou JMaoweft I bear 
a mind notcaft in the common mould— not formed 
for tame ietjueftered love— content >ijud houfe- 
hold cares, to prattle: to an idle Offspring/ |ind 
wait the dull delight of an obfcure loytV^ Itfnd- 
nels^-noi my heart was framed to look up ij^gjht 


awe and homage to the object it adored ; my 
ears to own no mufic but the thrilling records- of 
Ms praife; my lips to fcorn all babbling hot he' 
talcs of his achievements ; my brain to turn gid- 
dy with delight, reading the applauding tributes of 
his: monarches and his* country's gratitude r my. 
every faculty to throb -with tranfport, while I heard' 
the (hours of acclamation which announced thfc' 
coming of my hero ; my whole foul to love him 
with devotion ! ' with enthufiafm ! to fee no other 
objea— to own no other tic— but to make tf iM ! 
my wokxn ! Thus to love is at leaft no common 
weaknefs.— Pizarro !— was not fuch my love for- 

Piz. ft was; Elvira I ? , , , r ".. 

Elvy Then do not make me hateful to myfelf, 
By tearing off the mafk at once— baring the? 
hideous impofture that has undone me ! Do 
not' air aa which, howe'er thy prefent power 
may dofs it to the world, will make thee hate- 
ful to alt future ages— accurfed and fcorned by 

»ofterity. r ' , ..J 

Biz. And mould pofterity applaud my deedsj 

thjnfc'ft thou my mouldering b'oneS would rattle 
thetv with tranfport in my tomb?— This is ^re- 
nown for vifionary boys to dream of— I under* 
fland ir not. The fame I value (hall uplift my 
Ifvln* eftrmation— overbear with popular lupport 
theeflvy of my foes^advance fbj purpofes,, and 

aid my power. ■■'..'. ; ' ' • " " , *^ 
Ufo Each word thou fpnakeft— each moment 
that I hear thee— difpels the fatal mill through 
which I've judged thee. Thou man of mighty 
yune hut tittle (bulv I fee thou wert notborn 
to feel what genuine fame and glory^re— yes, 
|f|&r?iQi€ flattery of thy own fleeting day to.™* 

46 fizarho: 

bright circle of a dcathlefs name— yes f prefer to 
flare upon the grain of fand on which you tram- 
ple, to muting on the ftarred canopy above thee. 
Fame, the fovereign deity of proud ambition; is 
not to be worHvipped fo : who feeks alone ^for 
living hpmage, ftands a mean canvaffer in her tern* 
pie's porch, wooing promifeuoufly from the fickle 
breath of every wretch that paffes, the brittle 
tribute of his praife. He dares not approach the 
facreel altar—no noble facriftce of his is placed 
there, rtor ever (hall his woriliippM image, ; Jx'd 
sibQve, claim for his memory a glorious imri&qria- 

Piz. Elvira, leave me. 

Ely. Pizarro, you no longer love me. 

P13. It is not fo, Elvira, But vvhat might I not 

)>e£t— this wondrous inter^ftfor a ftranger,!— 
Take back thy J^ep^oaclv. - 

£fo. ,]>Jp, Pizapo; as yet I am not loft to 
you—.-onie ftrjing ftill remains, u and binds im to 
yc?urfote. Do not, I conjure you--*do 4i6t for 
thine own fake, tear it afunder— died not Alon- 
f&9 4 blood ! 

, ]P$z, My rcfolgtion's fixed. * v tj 

Elv, Even though that moment loft you Elvira 
for ever I. .-"'.' 

Fiz. Even fo. , 

Elv, Pizarro, if not to honour, if npt* 
canity, yet liften to affe&ion ; bear fome me- 
mory of the facrifices I have made for thy -fake. 
B%ye I not for thee quitted ,my parents, my 
friends, my, feme, < my native land? #hen 
efcaping, did I not rilk in rulhing to thy arms 
to bury, myfelf in the bofom of the deep? Have 
I not ihared all thy perils,, ji e a*y ftormsj*£fea» 
a.nd rfngtufal 'fcapes on fliore ? Eyen :*ak Sthis 


A TRAGIC **&AY. # 

dreadful day, amid the rout of battle, whbie- 
mained firm and conftant at Pizarro's fide ? Who- 
prefented her bofom as his fliield to the afKiling- 


Piz. *Tis truly, fpoken alU In love thou art 
thy fex's miracle— in war the foldierV pattern— and' 
therefore my whole heart and half my acquifition^ 
are thy right. * 

Elv. Convince me I poffefs the fir ft— I ex- 
change ali title to the latter, for— mercy to 

Alonzo. ' 

Piz. No more !— Had I intended to prolong* 
his doom; each word thou uttereft now would^ 
haften on his fate. 

Elp. Alonzo then at morn will die ? 

Piz. Think'ft thou yon fun will fet ?— Asfurely 
at his (ball Alonzo die. 

Elv. Then He* it ddne— the ftring is crack'd' 
— •fundered for ever.— But mark me — thou haft 
heretofore had caufcr v 'tis true, to doubt my re-, 
folutkyp, howe'er offended -^-but mark me now— » 
the lips- which, col$ '£&) jeering, barbing revenge 
with rancorous- mockery, can infult a fallen ene- 
my, ihall never more receive the pledge of love : 
the arm unfhaken by its bloody purpofe, which 
ihall affign to needlefe torture the vi&im: wh6 
avows his heart, never more ihall prefs, the hand 
of faith ! — Pizarro, fcorn not my words — be- 
ware you * flight them no* ! — I feel how noble 
are the motives which now animate my thoughts 
- — wjio could not feel as I do, I condemn — 
who, feeling fo, yet mould not afi as I shall, I 

Piz, (4f ter a p au f e > looking at her with v an . 
affiHed /mile of contempt.) I have~ heard thee, 
Elvira, and know well the noble motives which 

E3 infpire 


w%** ■ :: & *&w w m&m&i -^ 


inffi|ir<!^ec^-fit advocate in virtue's cauj|s r fe*#8- 
lie^e me, I pity thy tender feelings jft th**©i«h 
A^«m«t--Me diasat (uni-rifel ■■•* JtBfe 

Jfc. 'Tis "^ii-^r^i-iwnMW^iw^|? 

ffl had forgot royfeif, and in the caufe of inno- 
cent affmned #|fe of yi^ae* *$%#* fit I 

#o»ld be rejiuked-^and 6yj]Eizarrp. ^al^fiaJL 
yefew rcluaanrdropof wcaknefs— the laft thefe 
eyes feall ever (hed. How a woman can love 
Pizarro, thou haft known fop well— -how Me 
can hate, thou haft yet to learn. Yes r tboa 
undaunted 1 Thou, whom yet no mortal hazard 

Wm^W^^m^^'i^h^,. , on Panama's brow 
didft -make alliance with the raving elements, 
that tore the fiiente of that horrid night—when 
thpajtfft fojlo*, t Mi& pioneer, ,thf!jera{hing 
thjmdjrk drift, and ftajkittj|,Q*er , the -tfemmmf 
#lfe $ff§4#«t % WUer pj the red.vdlcanoS 

fcen^as, thou , didft beftttde ji fragmept of .the 

tftMiitft tbx,w wottld^dety jhe w ^r>4 in that 
WWWMK !— Come fearlefc man— now meet the ia| 

in^'f &p|of p^%T*ett|.iiii 'S^nkm 


*" i. 


- * 



L A TKACIQ ai*AY. 4^ 

* * - <*■•■ 



- •* 

■ s * v v. 


• ■ .1 

Entrance , 

*y * . 


i#i*fc>. JTPOR the laft time; I have beheFd the 

For th$ teft $fat& thro£^tx$&h diiiigeoa V «*>£ 
I jb^v^ behold the ^iteriog Jjiflifc p£ the 1 fra* s.-*-* 

tife which thfeu^^ft ri*n y by tfce iT»can reck'ntng of 

thi^Koiito^ lijt 

life %ien t worth i ly ihou kl %e. mieaiiirjed % a nobler 
Jine— by deeds— not ^earsr-Then wpuldft th&i 

fo fhort a (pan* made Tif £ e the inflr riiment'Q^ jvide 

ai>d ipi^^fa^ iyi^^ 

greflM 1^ Tho r 


cbn ferr ed by sh^iti on man ill ^heyrionly ; &a^ihtiji#d 

long, who have lived viitoevfiy. ^4 


Enter a Soldier— Jkewt the Ccntiml a Pdfffcortj wh% 

Atimo. What bear you there ? 
S*/. Tfhefc refreshments I was ordered to leave 
in your dungeon. .-.} "" .^ . •■« , ., 
v#* BywhomordetVI? " a 
^ By the Iiady Eiviral flie will be here her- 

4(V Bear back toiler my, humblcft thanks ; and 
take :,thott the refrefh meats, frienti^-^iieed then*- 

S*/. I have ferved under you, Don Jk!tc^i^ 
Pardon my faying* that tny heart pities you. 


f ^Jth ^^^^^p^p^0 pity the unfortunate, 
no doubt requires fcrgi veitefs >~lLaokiag ou*l S\*re+ 

dM^ ^ but lit the darknefs , of my cell, e n^ Sff 
pray** to thee* Pbv^lr 'iMj^im^ii^i^ foil wy 

$tid P^e^^^^ „- 

all elfe is wofrttii^^^ 

$ |S©^% Whok dierqi *rtfv*$iv q^cklyjl who's * 

&^Nf^ ;* • ■ ^ 

Roi&A^fl&n, di/guifed as a Monk*-, 


iSf&u&- f>r i& W% c^ ^ 


Cent. He is 

JWi I muft fpeak with him. 





not. , ^j / . r , . 
Cent. Mm i^^c, a^^^W ;WW • 

i&& Ha k^ejp§a^,con(^ f|«>e 


i i-..; 

•■ . 


£to. Bacic^back,Mt WJfflMmik.. 
fyL I do^ntreaf you, but Jbr oneMMSomfnU/ 
&«> Xoo entreat in *ain^q»|eOffl|^iie ^9«l 


■>• ,? . 


^ ' *j? -* * ,- ^ 

CV#, Fcw—honeft, if # v %» . 

- ^: * * < * -V* ^ 


£V». Do I love i^fBftJr^Wpd^ifW*^*"?^ 

£ e / Soldier ! imagine thoq,t*w!f?dp6itt.4\l£a»« 


1 4. m^ 



--' "'■".*. 

VV:- ''-',.>■:■'..":-':'■•-■ J- ".'■.-■■ ' -"¥ , • » S- - - i * ' far V- i- - « 


V ! 



Oto That fome of my comrade* fl0t# catty 
my dying bleffing to my wMali^HiW^in./ % 

Roh Oh ! ktot i^tl^tcb^^l^#^^ HP 11 
gate— aad ftiould there : 6<f "iiitS^^ 
R ' J ? er ■ dies at fun-fife, ^y et* thou "BaSt hot for? a 

moment fee ISii^noPlflha*t ; thou 1>ear Jiis ttyfeg 
>leffitig to his pbor thijHreri 4r1t|iHtrh5lchiBd wife, 
— what ^4tf^^ ^tfem fiithfe of Him, who thust&uM 
drive thy comrade rfixnii-tKe door I" ; , ? 

:.C^! f H^rF ;;3 ^^ : ;; - ^V'^ 1 • ■ ^ 
s ^gp £*^^ corner 

bu^toJN^ive for Apt, and for her. babe } the laflF 

"^pSf^fliJi^^' " ' *"v ■ "•"-* -;"" '.: . ■ * n 

2&A Oh f h^ly Nature ! thoufoffi ttevef pf *I } 
in ,^i|>^TKe^%; ff^ib(T6%iir isarthi a creStftrfc 


bofom, thou haft not a cord eritwined of po*er to 
tie them to their offspring's claims, -and St thy-Wilt 
l^^aWSK^Mfcfc -B thee. Oft iron pem&ii f 
borae^heUood-ftain'd vulture cleaves the ftornr 
^yetf W Hhe^plumay cbfeff to her heirt, ioft *s 
thfe cygnit's down, >ftd o'er |ier unfhfe}!^ br<x4 f 
the murmuring ring-ddve fits hot rnbre gently !•%• 
Yes!— now he « beydrwt the porch* barring' Hie 

outer p^\^m^*~mȣi^^$$di 

jff. How » is my hour cFapsM ?— Well, {return* 

^{'atftrt^. """ *''■" 

- ■.■*"?* es«*,i •',** 

me/ -* - 

■* i » j*!^ 

Embraces Htm* y r 

'/■■ -. 


J. = -y * + * 



Rbl. JTKcrfeiis pc&ll^om^nt^ b& loftin words : 

~^this difeuife I tore from the dead body of a 

Friar* as It pafc*<l#^rlield of! baltte— tit jhas gain'd 

-rat Entrance to thy dudgeon— flow take it thou, and 

At AridRolla 
Rol. Will remain hci£ m $hy place. 
Jl. And die for^mel— No !-r-Rather eternal 
tortures rack me.-. •> r ■ ..iu^v,-y i .■■ 

Rol t I (hall noddle* Alprt^Q.— rlt is thy life^i- 
rfcarro feeks, not j ^LoHa*s^2wid from<#}y ^rjfon ^opyn 
will thy arm deliver me ; — or, ! ^otridjtihfipriieir 
wife—I am as at blighted pjaotfin (landing alone 
amid the fandy defart — Noth^g^kisf } or liyefho- 
doea th !; n>y ^ftle^er^J'hpuj art! a ^ uiband, pn^ at fa- 
ther— The being of a lovely wife and helplefe iiv 
faftt ji^^upomthy >|i^^^.^d^,l|^^l^^^ 

par^l to die? m^ 0f$t*ffii >$ %'^im ?•! tffc&ffii tu^t t n^- 
ifo/. To die in pe©cei— rdevoting her you^ve 

, J^llistallhope, but from thy quick return, *■ ^.^ 

-.. i'J J|^^l^4l!^l/rf-ei :**Mf (' w-^ /Lit' 

fulfilmentr-rAnd, by $c heart of truth I (wear, 

if thou K«M^«M thy .friend 

vthe tranfpori of mfc^m <X« f jfc > » ****r- 

.Ino power ifei £way,sjfK will of. m.M g&pc 

hence ; M thou^t but ^^.^^4NW I? 

^inph, of Ming u^a p^^erihf,fi4^^w* 


£4 *i2Jt*fe56': 

thfeWut'd CoOv^ibhVtfittt G#aij and thy child, are 

• ^fp-$ moment's further 1 jtfufei «tad alt is^loft--*- 
Thedawn approaches— F^ roe— I will 
treat with Praarro as for furrendei' and fab'mifiion ; 
— I fhal| gSinfiniei ftoubt hdt^while thouV %ixh 
a cTiotehjtorod, paflW§ the fcciet wayi inaf ft at 
night return— releafe thy friend, and bear hfiw *aefc 
ih^u^i>if.^Yes^haft^ft- T «learAro«z6 / !-«Even 
4m$&fa&& *he fMntk: PCora tail thee f^ffafttf! 
^HsJfty«MHa"ftlN'- >* - ■■ <*** ■'"- -'■•■ f • " ' " - 

^/"Rbflav I fear yburfriendfliip drives roe from 
UbnotiH and 3 fr6m^rt|hr: 

Mi Did ! &olla ever eounfcl dinSonour 'to his 

! fe : I 'feeF thy war ro« ttafc tirtfppihg^ km wiy 
cheeJ^-^Go <! «-!' anil" rewarded-^ Throwszke&eUk* s 
^^W#^^.)^^h^e5!^id%^r^h^face ; 
and that they may not clank ,• hold faffll thy chains-— 

^fte-^Sod'he^h-rtBel^^ '■?■•'- ■««? "* &%. 

^ ^lhtpi»w^^e^'»a^.-^#ltetl,-iiib^}d 
WlfeavehW* -iftfifrtf .&wf»1feMor^rnT* with 

Wftifmqm wHri^^nn^cI^iS^lfeind^lild 1 
^ukNi^y^di^ ; 4Hffcf4&*y ^Wronf>me^>This 
^ the nrft'tfkne (iHto^hbmittf 'tisbl ^evW deceived 
l*«-i-iFb^ve*nie^^d of #uth »"# Hrii'wfong^- 
'fftld^'flattere* Himfelf th#wx? fli^l m«fet?again4- 
Ye ft --T ; hehs«* />M^ «# ; AWfc &»«#*) affil&% 
w^?h^^.^lgaih^:^tl^^p6fl^s^in : pea*c; the 

" * ' '" *' " 1% ib*e, %nd ' frJeodlsi^-Ori earth, 

•*fitiiKtfd!<~<l witt ^WJeft'the 

a §uard return before AJonzoiinay have pafs'd titeir 

Itjpel^ ' \Mttirts into the rtiejsi 




EnUrEtviKA. ^ 

«£&, |f jtagjpi p^*$? |* uta| teunts^pot 
tlte glowing fidniiratibn wKich I feci for thk txc^ 
blc youth, ftiail raife an intcreft in this harnils*d 
bofora which honour would not fer^foip^i II, hp 
f^f^ihe vengeance my heai* has fworni^inft 
thMj^ant, ^0 al<?«« fan ;fa vethis Ja«ftd 

—yet, (hail the delight hi -. j^i^;.f o-i?«j^Bjc^B^ -IhUi 
to his Cora's ^ms^ ; t$ his dear child, ^od ta the 
unoffending people, whom bfo yirtoc^ ,p^% 
and valour guards.-«-Alonzo» co^ Jorth t ^ 

*r / **& - ■ 

£«/^r Rolla. ^ 

Jg£ !-~who art thou ?«*p-Wherc is Alonzo ? 
-R*/. Alonzo ? s fled. r 

RdL Yfes-*^dJie miift-not be purfued-^*-*- 
Pardon this ^oughtt6fi^ (feming far Band)^hut 
, a moment's precious t^Alonzo's flight 
\ kl<o> > What jHEvfc catll ii^guaftd^ 'A .A \ 
Ral. Do fo«-*A!onao ftill ^am^time. m 

- 2$& #T^Jf tKus I frae^myfelfi? {JSbixvs 

- JGM^'JteA4N it ^c> Wjr heartr-StiU, awjth the 
d<^*ul{ive%rtt(ji^ delth| d'M '^c#j||ys^^& 
** i?ft>*^ R&fealfein^^ Mifcher 

will alarm the guards nor c^fc^^i^ - Sa 

JwSftg 1 ? * n * tho % ^ 8 #iufei5e that thy fowl 

$■%&&>' >&'-.-:-w-i> v.i.r- ■ : v>u. «>v; ,.tti n^ 

Bjr iny qrd^r the guafd mmm&®tojyj0i 



* p. * 

J&/. -My nat* e is Rolla. s 
;£/v. Tfce Pej^viaii leader i,v ., 
• ^/. t h^s fo ycfteraa7~To*day, the Spa- 
niards* captive. -f.*^*« :^ 

j^; An<J friendfhff* for ^loirco, nk^e<d 
thed tofhisyaQ:? * ; / - ; -•'•': --.• 7 - J - J 
^JEMfcl Aldnfeo Is *iiiyr friend -^1 am prepared 
to tHe for J fciiiu ^Tet 4s the caufe a ntotivfe 
fir ongcr far than friendfhip* - * - = r ! • • - -^ 

•|B% 3 *0ii* ^i!^-p»rtiSi ellfe soittd urge ftich 
^i^c^faflln^R. < * 

jR*/. And that is - — £u*« ... 

jff/v. Love ? 
■ !?*/• Truef j : ; .'• i ■■ '■'\ t.. : 

Ufo. Gallant f—^igcnuo us Rolta! — Know 
^that, my purpofe here was thine ; and were I to 
favc thy friend " ^ ■ \ , , ? * *V4l 

Rtf. Hmr J—* woman Uefii'd with gentle- 
nefsand courage, arid yet riot Cora?! f V% 

male hearts ? --j - > ; fe < - ^ 

Ik/. ' Not lb-— you are worfc and better than 

. «e ,*\ 

1S&*. *!> feve thee* * Rotla, from * t|y$i * #• 
rant 1 * vengeance — reftore thee to thy nzl\v? 
lan#^iid't^ Native (aaA *ol peace--- wadd' ft 
tJ^aiiiot^nWIliira withJthiiigoOdt "(Mk- » 

ifo& To judge the a£tibii^-'l- maft know the 

Mr. 1^th»dagget,i ^ 

I. 4MW i w*^#Sdi^ the &nf <#fe 

fP fctwrto fleeps---The fcourge of innocence 
— *the %s$iot of thy *ac#-^hfe fiend, ttnit cid'K* 
late* ^ Ifpf pfl^tt 

jRi/. Have you not beca injuredby Pkarre ? 

> ■ ■ . - * 

Eht. Deeply as fcorfi andinfult can infufc 
their deadly venom. 

&?J» Antf ypt*afts that 1 fliall murder him 
tohisfleepj * .,,, . 

^/u. WottH he not have murderM AJoijzo 
in nis chains? He that flecps* and he, thatf* 
bound, are equally deftjpcdefs. Hear me* 
Rolfa— fo maf I profper iii this perilous a& aa 
fearching my full fiearti 1 have p*it by alkrair^ 
eorous tnotivc of pri Hate vengeance there* and 
ftel that I advance to my dread pnrpofe in th<r 
caufe of human nature* and at the cat) of facred 
e« i * 

R*l. The God of Juffroe fan&ifies no t f evil 
as ^u Hep towards goods, fcJrcat afitions cannot 
fee achieved by wicked mean*. ; : - 

Eh. Thc|i> Peruvian ! fiaca thou do f ft feci 
fa coldly for thy country's ; ,jp oag?, this band* 
tho* it revolt my foul* ihali fteke the Wow> 

ilil. 3pw&4* th^ «teft^!^%oe«tairw and 
for Peru IKc^u perifteft f— Give me the 

Wf£ ^ " * * J '* - - ' - .-'4-*- - '*' >. >-■- ** ***■- <; £.■- * i -•«. 

£&**.: Now follow me ^— but Sgrft-^?nd 
ikeadful is the hard fieccfiity— you muft fhrifee 

down thejuard, ^ V.'. : ^^-t ,.- v 

Ms& l^Jf&ikr who was on duty heref 
Eh. Y^^J^ill-^-^Ifc^. iWiog th^e, the 

J^ A *$ tj>afc f 

Take ba^L thy Mpsyi^-^ : cfc ': ' i£t * 

|Je rcfus'd my prayers— refws'd my , got#r*te- 
nving to admit me— till his own^lings • &&'& 

■ '• -- - • • ' • i --' A 

Kim. 'for my nation's faleity, I -woukfriotlfe 

27*,- Then he muft be" with 'Wffi v^jftln- 
(w^#h , hw Ii fttfet^ v ^ ri ■ , \ s_ :: "\X^ *•" 

, 48$. ^ that |l^inly lindferftqQ^ betwaen; 
^Ulno^rjj&a, haft §Doat inan'«| hea<^ to Jtstyot 

m,y. JEwtjjt '#$jpp ratti eonfi^ming ( fife*! 


• T 

% The tnjide of Pizarrtfs Tent\ *-rffi%hrr# m% & 

•*. - ' % *: 

Naw at his- heart*f**^Staiicf btf thergr $*%$**«? 
Let nje foe hifefcle€<J ^t^Hta £ ^! 5 M^^Bct 
me figaj^thqt gr0ap ^g^il^ ; " 

s » i -Jft' 


Eh: f , .Thiers !-*-Nbwv ldfe not a; moment. 

47^.; ^tf#imoment5*ani|imaWI. 

reM*#n^^h«»iap!- wilMii% yoli^-Be^hVu 
no* thowif in fhjs bufihefs/ iimfefeVc yotf ' 


d®KL : ifew have I itf my poweHh<? a«btt|s'd , 

•:f^:»Mjm s r*iiip«aii|!2ii^ • 


#n$ften<fc f ~-i ear not myboloiti tElsf 1 « « : n 


Rd, ; Nd :-— I wasm error*— the balm of 
fweet repofe lie rievef more can know. Look 
here, ambitious fools !-*-Ye, by whofe ufKu- 
m&ti pride, the Weeding facrifiee of nations is 
Iheld as nothing— bebo^t^ 
He i& at iriy merc^— and one blo#i l-*-N<> ! — 
my heart "and hand ref ufe the ad V RdMa can- 
not fee an aflaffin !-^Yef Elvira mud be iaved ! 
(jijMreatbisibi G$uch*} Pfeatfo ! awake I-~ 

McL Speak no|— -another world is thy 
death— Call riot for aid !— this arm will fay? 
fvfifter than thy guard. 

jPiz^ What art thou h and what is thy will ? 
: Jifl* I am; tiling enemy ! Peruvian Rolla! 
Thy death is not my will, or I could have flab: 
theefleeping^ * 

Fi%d Speak* wba&elfe p 

R$l. Now thou art at my mercy— anfwer 
me !***Bid a Peruvian ever yfet wrong or injure 
thee, or any of thy nation: Bidft thou, or 
any 6f thy nation* ever y et fhew meroy to a 
Peruvian in ; your, power ^^ 
feilr— and if thou haft a heart, thou'k feel it 
kneel y !?-- a Peruvian's vengeance I (Drops iht 
d^r^hiifeti) ^ There! 

J&/. J Can Pizarro ?$& fur|*Me & at this | I 
thought forgil*i»fe of injuries had boeir the 
^r$ap^ p|lf^^ leafi: it is 

tfcc JR^via^ pi^ke.: - 

3|fg. ^oll^^fllou hjift indeed* Itopisy-^* 

fubdue4 ttiCt ^M^M#--^^^ : *^^p"^r* ^*#r«r^5r4!i##. 

* f 

: h&* 

mhmttk Elvira, nn (fmng Pfzarfa) 

b;i olfc; %f doftfe~f ! Jb Jicn dead? , (*** 
Pi? arm) % U^m !r-ftilfc liviiigsf: Tinea Iiiam 
loft -j 3,** Aftd; flic * you§J**£etched! Peruvians! 
4ii4W$f is I ^jhnomi !-^Oh 1 Rolla Jr treadtti- 

~$&L Atvay 4 #lvir*i fpcikst (he Tcnow^ not 
what ! v Lea?e toe (to B&iia} I wnpvc you, 

H§ ;f/w> ^ Jfom J4~RoHa, #ftthoti5tBmkI fltali 
iretra^— or that I meanly wBI deny* that in *% 
Ijg&d ^«ci^ j^^ii^ta be pltbig/d intb^that 
V0ffl?* t&m^f NQr^^my fefer^-gtct fe| that 
I eru$ed f^^* ^a^bicfi^iirf did! not ftrifce 
the blow myfeIf.-*-Too foon thou*lt learn that 
mercy to that mafi m ditelt crnehy to ^Hl thy 

;$)?** Q ijajrd 4 quick ! ? jet guard, tixlfetzfe this 

£lm ^0mi a guard ! fc^alfc then* te<*l And 
fo^i IKnow i they ^cad^e ^ my deaihi ]&t 

§y^fil|l]l afwe mebfor a moment !--* Nor think 
thaf woman's anger, or thet feelings of aa in- 

JhJI^I^rMH glorying in thfc attempt, and my 
^4KtW9€Ii^ihatt fpeafcthe prourf ivt^wzi 

"i* . ,» 

• r 

A T*Ad#*«£AY. 

Rol. Had the a& been noble as the "motive 
— *RoHa would not have ihrank from 1 its «#- • 
forrtiance. ' '.,;..-». . ■;>■•" * < " lSr ^- 

•— • '• ■• Enttr Guortit. ::;/^o-hi,-^i 

Fas* Seixetfeis difcover'd fiend v who fought 
to kill' your leader*,- ^.\ :.,-^ ^..-.if-i^tiv/fer: 

, J5&. Touch , me nofc, at the peril bf y*ttr 
fouls ;rh-l strii your pf ifonoit, and awiil folio<v 
you.^But: thou* their triumphant leader, ftatt 
hear* mp. ^et f firiPfefor ;fchee Rolla, accept 
m y forgivcnefe : even/ had I been the Vt& iotr |df 
thy noblenefe of hearty 1 1 ftiould have admired 
thee for itr^Btifc 'twas myfelf prorok^d my 
do6ni^--thou woM-dft have fhielded me.— Let 
not thy contempt follow me to the gravfc. 
Dildfl^ tlroii bufefcnotir ^tfoe ipelMik^ artv by 
which thti hypocrite firft undermined the virtue 
of a guilelefs heart thow^ even in the pious fanc- 
t uary wliereih 1 dwelt, by corruption jmd fraud, 
he pra&is'd upon thofe in whom I moll confided 
~*-?till' !**y diftetojfje^d ; fancy led* me* ftejp ky 
ftep, into the abyft of guil t t < ^ 5 

; J*kV Why am* I not obey'dM-Tda^ her 

1J&*. Mk pafM*6ut didft^rfioil' know rfiy 
ftory* Rolla* thqit vroul'iVpity me* * 

J?*/; From miy foul I da pjity thee 1 * ; 
! JPiat. Villainsi! dri^? hereto the. dungeoriH— 
prepare the t#|^re i^ & 

£&. Soldiers— but a moment iiw6#^^Fk 
to applaud year ^i^pd-^I| ^if t<* telf ^^J§J|Digt 

& art : i$(jj&:J$E ||il^ 

fcarpcft torturer thiit ever agonized the human 

r.-^-' ;nv * ^ frame j 

,'■ - . ■ : • - 

, = ■_.,., ... v 


*m s 

;' -V 




* ' j* ? 


arms that have csrcliTd and— —even • have de- 
tended thee I Bid them pour burning metal into 
the bleeding cafes ^hj^ejes, IIMifli oh 
Grod I— have hung with love and homage on ' * 
look*— then approach me bound 
red wheel— there glut thy lavage *Jt 
convulfd fpafms of that dithonor'd 
which was once, thy pillow I-^Vet* will; I 
it all ; fecit will be jufli&i all ! And when 

tear m#ito deaths hoping 
ears .may at laft be £raft 
.cries,! I ih it! not utter one 
groan— but to the laft gafp; my bodvV 
ence (h*U deride thy 

' ^»«r.vr^ -,_,_,,, 

.... i (Mndnnuuring to conctahbis agitation.) 
near'il thou the wretch wbofe hands-were even 

ie* aeeuiarion's falfe, thou 

jeartof her : if true* diy 

lie J^r fuffbr the paogs thy 


now prepared fo 
• &h -Yes ' 
wik nor fhr'mk 
bar barf 

."..■"'■.'-. - * i, ■>■■■■. . "■.'■.'.,» .■■•. 

/arc well !— F 


and re* 

i my mothirr '$ Br eaWrf &&*, a* • 
_ ^,;»appc^K% to Ker f5o^lhft^#«6fe#* 
of her chiltf! Tfiep the .bk**MMftrf ^h^f 
my nmrdet'd brdth^-£-&ijMlted MMM 

% JV& -at iftbii^t^ nio^e dela^'a^dl^to 


an uiidapnted foirtk and 1 off^e"^® tiflli^if^^i'iy 

[0il ^&« 

/Vs., %\6m.o &eAU--ls theft the vengeance 

' gratified ? : 
_ V an* thy lieart j 

, theii thou'lt corifult its peace. 
,; ^i«v I can facc.all efcemie* tftif^re wn- 
front mer-4 cannot war againft my nature. 

fe then, Pizarro, aflc not to be deemM 
a hero r -to triumph o*er ourfelves, is the only 
conquefh whete fortune makes no claim; In 




I-;:' ,- : 

'■■■' - J_ --^- '"■ 

'it:. -■ • _ :. _ >V"*¥ 


- . ■ 

-r ■ '• _ - v - "r ! 


• *4r^? 

mm? & 

*K»f<S eft**e«i«7$)atch t*e laurel from thee, 

pfcee. iron thy brow— bur in a 

tiVKui ■ ■ mm>u MiaJt tto\ nn<f mt to 

d*ul*ratcYu^r ii^iap^^^pjr 
countrymen--- ye* are athberty. j ;• '-^; %!■;■. . 
Jldfc Tbott 4&& aft m this, as honor, and, 

^|giii|liitfi||| r ".-. lifst' :'.."■; V'i "• -•; < • 
Jtiav I cannot but arfmire th6C, RoHa; 1 

£•£& Farcwc»l;~«Ptty Etem;!^be*dmethj 

friend of virtuc—an^htui w»k be mine, f *x«, 

I tell me what is the phantom 
where is the one delight which 

kh^mademyownr myfcme-the mai. ' 

-*- ' » .r 

j£s*sWeM ^f 

? : *V: .*•-*■ 

«HRroi.sBB petmanfe act* r 

^V^-V^t?;}* -/ 


: t «<V 

, k.M^- il 

.'• • u 

;. *,v,;V--.j.* <-^~%? 

.>^i * 

si*? * «■* - • - 

life i 

'"'■,--.;■ " . 
'--;-■. " 

• . ' t 

-- • . ., . * - _ - 

if *te* rmfi^iH th$ *m&md? * tot mtmji 

€**red by Boughs *f Tre*t-~j4 drmdfvt Sfwm, 
wan I nunatr atm \iAgn$ m m m 4»<o ha iww Ntotred 

i, 1 **? 


Cers\J NATURE ! thou haft fiWtWellreiigih 
of Iqvc. My^xioiisfpiritis i^ntiFediaits march 
~?my wearied, Ihivcrkig frame/ finks under ir. 
A«ck for thee, my toy-— when faint bendath 
thy lovely burthen, codd I refute to gire^by 
(lumbers that poor bed "of reft ! O my chHdl 
were I affored t hy father breathes no more, ho*> 
quickly would I Jay me down by thy dear fide j 
but down-*— down for ovcf -. (TkutuUr 4nd light** 
mntA I aflc thee not* unmtyine ftorm I to abate 

while thy thunders fpare his flutters will I dif- 

i U iflT£ hw>L>dIce dtflifc Jand feehlmlife 
is near me. But I will endure all while what | 
have of rcafori holds^ : *i | . I t S 

4- : 

Y«t, fet| be merctkft! 

y \\ bare my bofo 

O'er hit pele 




■ o 

-St a ir 

J t?v|?/M 


•:■•■ :■:..- . -■-■■•■-■ ■>•;-*;■ 


.: .■ 


: >— ' 

"'}■"-■:■■,; :■<■!•< 

.* • ■ , Ob yo« gra* bed «£iq 
Heflwps fweetfctnb 


tie* niy duhf, 
edt the tempdl w 


. IdH 



> -? t 

Thy father never! 

"*,I >i-v i ? »f --'he 1 


|-J Xj« 

*v : .' 



fcrwjp' — "* 

[Tbii*&r d*i Lighthing. 

i-W»f>;Af &»' 

^Wfel s>M$ ftillj lifcipfacakJe 4 itfnfeeltn£ «fe- 
Imfcrite ! yatJftiH ;.dbif theft fcep* my fimlthg iif- 
*o*ntil OydeathJ *heri Wik tfomgftnft tothis 
fertc's *s»thtr fdeh rtpofc 'i? v- S<h* I may; feield 

!**••;$ fftPMB- 

<l^s£*r-*Mi fel-ly. . 

C^m. ^ O, ihy hesirt ! Swfect 
Ii»iiotl-^Js it noh A Jonzo js voice ? 
Ai* (nearer) Cora ! 

-A«-s ^si - 


>..?. ft'* : 

if/. [» 

Ior& iiffty bfchwed I 


-- .""':.: '.>,* 



Ira --■■' 




4 J< "' ■ :r '.-.,. ,\M ■ .:». $ 


.-J ? .. 


v** ; . 

-•■'i-^i "J 

si s® 




* TRAGIC PLAY. v 67 ^ 

2& S& Well, in our efcape frottf the enemy, to 
have difcbirertf flieijr feetet |fcflage thrtf the racks, 
will jwfdye *,l**oky chapce to us--~P 

fa on our left. (Pmtjtves the child.) What? 
have we h$^hm& ehildHi^s Fn* a foldier. 

^■^§^^^$^^^^9bt^ ' Now wobld 
if ^^it^g^g^^^^l^^^p^JN^^ this infant from its 
pagan mother's power. ^ ' 

0Sol. It would fo-— I have one at hotiie (ball? 
pJay^ritfi itH-Cpnie along. [2%^^|||i&i/rf- 

J& *i*/*r Cora «*/* $$i^r^ 

» '''■» ^ . ■ > '■ ";v '■ . - *- - ...,-. . .-■■, - .; 

v £ora* peaking without) I'bis way, d^aif Aloa- 
zo. Now an* I right^there^therfe-^mfe* that 
tree., . Was^ it poffible the inftin# of a mother's <■- 

he fleeps* or ftaU I 4j$iigvhinv w 
laughing ei 

»*-*■© tana tnou tnere— re u in w n 
him from his roiy flumber, btu&ing itkfe 
filled morn. 

■:■ i^-i^----i;-r-Jit 
- i USSR} 

■..' Wis 



at hi 

': : >' ; 

' -' 1 • 

J --.«■■■ £'■* ■<,-:•:: ---.--j- v-v- "■".":.■-.■; : --v^l-.:-t;^ 

, ,- ■ ■. ■ ■> ,: ^ i -.r*" v ■ ■. . - .*•■■:,■ ■. . ■ j ;">- : >: .■■■,:■..■■ ?■.!■..;■ ■ 

j A 
- mi 

She runs up tothefp^ attd, finding m% ifo 

mantle and veil; w f hich jhe tears from the 

\t. ground^ and tht child gone, (Jbriiis) and 

1% i4l. .(running to her) Cora Jr-aijf heart's be- 

Gora. He if gone! 

. SI 

9 S 


ived Cor a— he has wak'd, and 

^.'5n r ,*' Si^'-'l;^ 

*/ tl -- 



■?$$?■&?, ,.,-."• "-" ■ --,;'\. 

vt '--■ 

r- '-V- -■'■-* " ' - '■ . 

t - ' *■ 

\ " ^ ■ ?K 



fcS '&'. .'«& 

to.'* W 



• . 

crept to a little diftance-—we ihall find him— A re 
yoij afiiircd this drasith^ ^yqiivleift tomin ? 

Cora. Did not thefe hands make that bed, and 
fildtter for hini?^an4is not this the veil that 




./. V 

■ h 



^/.. i;htotyet>un6bferved. -: 
'HQwwi. Ha! yes, yes !. there, lives ihe >4ayage 

exclaiming) Give me back my child— -rcitore to 

iije.fayjboyi; ft ? ; #t*l *•*»;$; w#'* 1 i*#^ ? , 

A^MnterlsM Cas^s /row /« iiaf; 
B^& Who cal^^ 

Cbm* Give me back my child ! (Gbes intetbe 
huty md talk) Fernando i ^ - v' 

nighty powers ! do my eyes.deceive me I 
!;F! -• ,l -" ^ - : - * ' '. vl : :; - ; <- ; ' ' - 

^Alonzo,— my toefovVi yotog friend! 
^A My revered mftruaor. (Embmcwg*) 

\) WiH you raibrace this man 
^jep^rettores^yboyil'- ^^^f'^'^v^ 1 
Al Alas, my friend — in what a -moment of 

Or^. Yet his look is goodnefs and btmanity.— 
Gopd old man* hwe compaffion ori a. wretched 
motherland I will be your fervant while I live.— «• 
But do not, for pity's fake<— do not fay, you have 
him riot-^-do hot fay, you have not feen himl [ 

(Runs into the Wbi>d!) 

Las C What can this mean f -"" 

■ ■ ' . ■■■■ j .■ ■■• ■ ■, . . " v ■■... ' : ' ...... 

51 ^i£-A< T rt 

i' <-« 


$M&,- '' ... ' ' . 

J- .-■ ,; 'i j: ;:.•' ki-- .. '•- . T^. -...'•- ,. , .-. ''-■=,, .' t „ & ,-:--; ■■• ■;•;■■>--;. .." • 


ci'iS&f ,4s-ft-Sw^K ,j =^ a 




Las. C. How! did you leave him?— (Cera 
returns). " , f x v 

Gwra. Q* ypu are righti«^i^t^--^niiatairal 
mother, that I ^"k^^^^Mj jshilc^?l for|>ok 
my innocent— but I Will fly to the mM h's brink, 
but I will find bjtn. : {ll^iput^ r 'y& ? 

-^ B^l^iiri me, Las Cafas, I muft follow her : 

M tt iiight, Fatfeitipt mvfe R^i^r^r 

Ztfl^ Ifejf $ill not ie^ye thecf, Aloti^cH-yoat 

b lead her to the right— that way lies 

your camp— -Wait not my infirm fteps^iMliU 




'{ ^ 


-f ■ * : 

<Be OtitrPbfl of\ihe:\$faniJb Camp ^The bach 
ground wild and rocky y with a Torrent failings 

,/• d<Mn fkeBfeeipice % (men which a Bridge isftitw* 
edbya feU'dTree^ i [Trumpetifound without. 



, £.,.,. 'f;.^ 


ftory muft be falfe. (Entering) 

ft •* > % , ?M>^ 


Roll a Aw Chains) brought in bj Soldiers. 


f v Falfe !^-^lk,, utter falfehood !— I.woul* 
I had thee in a defert with thy troop aroimd thee; 

<^mih M'with.i " , " 4 "' •' "* *'" 

hand \— (Trumped 

W* in this unihac 

'ii;<L 7'^^ rt^' ;^^;a.^i. 

fpy, ikulki 

XV. 5/. S. 

fe to be credited, that RoHa, thejre# 

'd be detefted like a 


* "K 

^.v^utajrfwef to the Gerierfehcis here/ 


*s s 

it- ■' 

r &# 

G z 

i'.U/v^ fc 



-:■: 8 


si ' 

V w 

/ J 

;:<.. ; ^J '-"";: 

1 ' : ' •> 



m ■ 


• » II 

- . « 

' 1 

_ ^/^rPwARito, 

Piz. And bohhd^Aoaf * -,"' 
S2%PP^4N|| not: fea¥^o£cl|tng 

, . i 
f i i * 


* <*> 

I "'-. 

regret thteinfult. / " 

J£o£ ®ju feel then as you ought: ,' 
P&. Nor can I Brook to! M a warrior of Rol- 
la's fame difarm'd— Accept this, tho* it has been 
-«tf enemy's. (»i afivofd.)' TMe Spaniards' 
4^tJteea^A^;d*e'to;wl^'.;. -^r 
--*#; And the PeruTiatij how to ft««*t offisiice, 
i*/s. May nbtjtofll and Pizarro ccafc 

foesf ;4 : ■ '.'':.-,■■;' iMM-M €Hk : Sl-^v -v. :i ^ ; 

$*$% I 


•JK/. And failiot agtfnSo In^pTed? 
! 'Miz,i' No !-*tei ! Mw *ot*;wr *i*e«*8afcKbfl* 

^r DAviLtA and Soldier i» wttptfc Child* 
Etev. Uttt are two ftrfdiets. Caedv1*i 

bv the fecret wav wfe hate fo \6m tfnlleaViWftd W 

icovcr.^■^^i^>•;^^"-^^^ ; ^^^^A,&.;,i;. 

H ^^Mt^nt t^lkfft.-^oa'.W 

r way, thcyJ&i^d a Peruvian 
child, who: fcems---*-*t ; 




-"jo.- ;.-v r . •*; ,'. •' ., 


ft ,, % 

t * '■■- '- 

• f=, ■ - . 'J '■-'■-'- 

■;■ ■-••k.t- 


' >-. 

P&. What is^Wt^^r^ dill, Pl oet 
it into the fea. 

T5? «fcfe child l^eleome^ta 
^^W^° h * H agam my pri- 





■ -.-;->-■ V. 

: i §m 







thinVft thou I feall not, have ftMQPf&P; * 
valour x>f his hear*;; Nri£ he is'reminded that a 

^M#'tt^p)Mi^pw^Bi^ ••*•- ■■■■ 

fettle w4 Alonso !~and.this pledge may help 

" '-$?- tefi.-«qput»t, ^ ■ v.'H-'...i>. ; . ^J^iiln? 

^ ^-' A )_Artthouatnan?^oujd;ft 

if tbo»,dQ'ft harm that qhild^to p^ 
Vill fink , into f thS barren &-*—«»***«—»«* 
tbtseager hope, that .^^-^w^ 

nant hearts tWUi me ro UK . , , _ ,-.hee', : 
nature and humanity, and cry aloud tor ve% : ... ncc 
•►» -^,r<M deftrover's bead. 

' " .''Pfi-'fie that pens ffune, -..^ .if-,;i*M)* *.-» - 

If' SI himleifathisfeet) Behold me 

I^P r S^»&K ' # pre 
tha.Ce t^-Me, that ha 

^<^nHHBHHHlHP|^ that 

^u:14 ort/l I tutti be VGUf u»Yv» \ ,» 






•v ■ • r * 


V : ; -M 

' •' '* >*.l^j^y¥lK"» 


5^ Jft 

m Lp^M 

UL. UA, 

. F 


H mmm 

t i 

•r .V ' ■-{.•*. , _^ - '" ^_ •- „_, r * t . s j 4«J ! --HAP "•.■ ,* ' ijt — •-« 



7 Wm^hifdi 

>P/z.<Purfae him ^ 



•. :■ » ' |.» '- ... * -I 

tf «a waters. | 



he defends fhimfclf It— Ha !-r£e fells ^eoi'fa* f&e 

pround— and now— i— - I - 


4_,4 , &1 *■ &»fc»*'<;4«^; 


'.? '*. .# 

EnimAjMAomr :;-v ., \.,\ . 

J&*. Three of yxkir brave fticUers are 
vi|fcfm$ ta^y<^r c^ 
life; and if he once ^ 
, JRm uSpate him ho linger. [ £*// Aimagrc*] 
Their guns siiiuft reacfi him-^e'll yet/efeapi^4 
holloa to thofe horfe— the Peruvian fees thetn-^ 
how hfe mrn^A^i^ltfei^ 

retreat cut off; i L : sm Iff ^« ;^a 

(Rolla £$^i the wwdmhridge over the catarafty 
~^ ibefoldiers^thyffiedt^M^ 

Pizarro exclaims 

^! q«ick ! quick ! feize Hhb child |i» 
tfy *h?i4gtf, and f tfStr&ts Jky libs Jmri^ro&4§^ 
htaring. off the .child*) ; , ; :... > r , % ua 

1 1 *im 

%J & 

, - «; < " *■ 


.--1^' -i. 

a -TRAeic Aay 

. *$#. Away with the itevienge of words— let us 
t6 deeds-^Forget not wc have acquired the 

knowledge of the fecretpafe* whidh thro* the 
rocky caveifn's gloom brings you at once to the 
ftrong hold, #he>e are lodged their women, and 


■«. * 

jgbt, Almagro 1 ,S wft lis thy _ , ., 
di^aw % fbrtjt ,^k daring and! ? A /clic^^'baoil^Tj. jwritt 

verdc is informed JElvira dies to-day ? 

JP/%. I'lFhear 0j| H^ 

/P ^?. :■:-,.*>*-;. ^f 

AW. The bop^ 3s (misfit 

vitiate ^m^^^0^I^^M Heliftl^lc 
wifhes hot to fuffer in the gaudy trappings, which 
remind her of her flume. - - v ; 

that at 6uf t«wi%^ 
let me$eat:$bat J^ 


• • S ;- 


MS^ , - g 

» &.•£& -IR 

. ^^'-t^i ;; * * *;s >»-...* &x, •«-.* . >j* a ■ - > - - w i**^ 

"-' -■ -si ■ <- ■ k^-'\ * " *■*< .»,W- A;.' - - "*4 ' " -- : 

.£«* ?r At aubo, /9/7<w Vij- Cora *a# Alonzo. 

ed mother to ad- 

refafe to hear rrty 


'it bWt reftore him 


^ *':- 


Cor<;. Oh ! Avoid me not, 
but to her King, "i* thftf wr< 
Ǥrefs 4ftr griefe?-*-The *" ' 
prayers i Did not my Al 
will net my fweet boyi * 


to jiifej-fc 




he our 

- - - 

? myfti 

he notthe 

:&* *v 


4. . / ♦ 

**~* '■"'.:.-:"'.'"■■ ' - ■-' Li ' i 



74 MZARRO : 

Ata. When I reward defert, or can relieve my 
pepple, I feel what is the real glory of a King-*- 
when I hear thetn fuffer, and cannot aid them* 
I mourn the impotence of all mortal power. 

(Foice behind) Rolla! Rolla! Rolla ! 

Enter Rolla, bleedings with the child^ followed 

by Peruvian foldiers: 

Ral. Thy child ! (Gives the child into Cora'* 
armsy and falls.) 

Cora. Oh God ! — there's blood upon him I 

RoL 'Tis my blood, Cora ! 

Alan. Rolla, thou dieft ! 

RoL For thee, and Cora. — (Dies.) 

Enter Or a no. 

Orano. Treachery has revealed our afylum in 
the rocks. Even now the foe aflfails the peaceful 
band retired for protection there. 
\ jflan. Lofe not a moment 1— -Swords be quick ! 
—Your wives and children cry to you — Bear our 
lov'd hero's body in the van — 'Twill raife the 
fury of our men to madnefs. — Now, fell Pizarro ! 
the death of one of us is near ! — Away ! Be the 
ward of aflauH, Revenge and Rolla l?-£J§xmnh 



A romantic part of the Recefs among the Rocks — 
(Alarrtis) Women are feen flying purfu^d by the 
Spanijb Soldier s.^The Peruvian Soldiers drme 
the Spaniards back from the Field**— The Fight 
it continued on the Heights. 

&nter Pizarro, Alj^agro, Valverde, and 

Spanip Soldiers. 

Piz. Well !-^if furrounded, we muft perifli in 



thAY... fS 

m amte of ttan^Wteflnfo fcrilfa arid Alonztf 


Ente^ Alonzo, 0RANO, »«ftf PirWbUns* 

^/Ar«. Alonzo anfwers thee, andAlonzo's fword x 
Ihall (peak for Rolla* •_,". ! 

jfcr*. Thou . k jiow'it the? advantage qf ihy num« 
bers.~Thou qar'ft not fitngiy face Pjs&^rro* . 

Akn. Peruvians, ft ir not a man !— be this con*- 
left only hour's 

jP/js. Spaniards j-w>Wery$ ye, the feme. j, 

# i (Charge.^ 

¥ hey fight* AlonjspV ,/&iWd? is broken^ and he h 

be&t down* <. ■ , ,...?. 

J^/%. Now, traitor, to thy heart 1 . 
At ibis moment %\v\x& entirs y habited as when VI* 

T^xtofirfi beheld ker^fJM*t*h \fflatkdtjfojs* 

r (Loud Jhouts from the Peruvians.) , 

* * 

At a&iba *«terr, andfatiftieis Alo^zo. / 

' " • '* •' '"'■•'■', 

^fite. My brave Alonzo F "- -\ " . < 

jdf/m ? Alonza, we fubmit— Spare us ! we will 
embark, and leave the eoaft. 

■jTaU Elvira will confefs I fav'd Her life; foe 
has fav'd thine. 

dkn* ££ar^Qfc, Yi|u are fafe.\ ,{$flwwr$i % 


JEM* Yalyerde (peaks the truth i-^nor could he 
think ta meet me he^r.-^A|t awful icnpulfe .which 
my fot*l coiild no| itfifti impett'd tm hither. 

j#0/& l^oWeElviFa:r my preferlrer! Hfcw^an 
ifpeafc what I| A^b^-.f^-^ife'fdRiiied country, 
o we tp thee I If amid this grateful nation thou 

-wauldft remain— *- 


?6 W1%AKJL0 : 

Elv. Alonao, tto I — the defiination of my future 
life is fix'd. Humbled in penitence, I will en** 
deavour to atone the guilty errors, which, however 
maik'd by fliallow cheerfulnefs, have longcon- 
fum'd my fecret heart— When, by my fufferings 
ipurified, and penitence fincere, my foul (halt dare 
addrefs the Throne of Mercy in behalf of others, 
•~*for thee^ Afomw— « for thy Cora, and thy child, 
—•for thee, thou virtuous Monarch* and the inno- 
cent race you reign over, (hall Elvira's prayers 
addrefs the God of Nature.— -Valverde, you have 
areferved my life. Cheriftr humanity-r-avoid the 
ffeul example thou haft view'd. — Spaniards re- 
turning to your native home, affiire your rulers, 
they miftake the road to glory, or to power.— -Tell 
them, that the purfuits of avarice, eonqueft, and 
ambition, never yet made a people happy, or 
a nation great. — (Gafts arlook of agony on the dead 
kody of rizarro as jhepaffes? and exit;) 

( Flburijh of Trumpets.) 
Valvente, Almagra, and Spanijh Soldier s r e#eunt y 
bearing off Pizarro's Body. — On aftgnal from 
Alonzo, fiourijh of Mufic. . 

Alon. Ataliba ! think not I wifti, to check the 
voice of triumph-r-When I entreat we fitft may 
pay the trrbuterdue to our lov'd Rolla's mfcmoiy f 

Afolemn Match^Proeeffton of Peruvian $t>ldfcrs y 
bearing RollaV Body on? a Bier y fur rounded by 
Military Trophies. The Prieji and Prhfleffes 
attending chaunt a Dirge over the Bier.- -Alonzo 
and Cora kneel on either fide of it y and kifi 
Rolla\r hands in filent agony— >In the looks of the 
King) and of all prefenty theTriumphoftke Day 
is left) in tm mourning for the fallen Hew. 

v - " 1 - fe 

(The Curtain fitmly defcends.) 




ERE yet Sufpenfe has ftill'd this throbbing fear, 
Or Melancholy wip'd the grateful tear, 
While e'en the miferies of a frnking State, 
A Monarch's danger, and a Nation's fate, 
Command not now your eyes with grief to flow, 
Loft in a trembling Mother's nearer woe ; 
What moral lay fhall Poetry rehearfe, j ,, 

Or how fhall Elocution pour the verfe 
So fweetly, that its rmific ftiall repay 
The lov'd illufion, which it drives away ? 
Mine is the talk, to rigid cuftom due, 
Tome ungrateful, as 'tis harfhtoyou, 
Tomar-the work the' tragic fcene has wrought, 
To roufe the mind that broods in penlive thought* 
To fcare Reflection, which, in abfent dreams> 
Still lingers mufing on the recent themes; 
Attention, ere with contemplation tir'd, 
To turn from all that pi eas'd, from all that fir 'd ; 
To weaken leflbns ftrongly now imprdt, 
And chill the intereft glowing in the breaft — 
Mine istfee tafk; and be it mine to fpare 
The fouls that pant, the griefs they fee, to (hare; 
Let me with no unhallow'd jeft deride 
The figh, that fweet Gbmpaffion owns with pride — 
The figh of Comfort, to Affii&ion dear, 
That Kindnefs heaves, and Virtue loves to hear. 
E'en gayTHALiA will notWw refufe 
This gentle bondage to her Sifter- Mufe. 

O ye* who Men to the plaintive ftrain. 
With ftrange enjoyment, arid with rapturous paftn, 
Who erft have felt the Stranger's lone defpair, 
And Hatter's fettled, <fad, remorfeful care, 



Does Rolla's pure affe&ion lefs excite 

The inexpreffive angutih of delight ? 

Do Cora's fears, which beat without control 

With lefs folicitude engrofs the foul ? 

Ah, no! your minds with kindred zeal approve 

Maternal feeling, and heroic love. 

You muft approve ; where Man exifts below. 

In temperate climes, or 'midft drear waftes of fnow$ 

Or where the folar fires inceffant flame, 

Thy laws, all-powerful Nature, are the fame ; 

Vainly the Sophift boafts, he can explain 

The caufes of thy univerfal reign — 

More vainly would his cold prefumptuous art 

Difprove thy general empire o'er the heart : 

A voice proclaims thee, that we muft believe, 

A voice, that furely fpeaks not to deceive ; 

That voice poor Cora heard, and clofely preft 

Her darling infant to her fearful breaft; 

Diftracted dar'd the bloody field to tread, 

And fought Akn%o through the heaps of dead, 

Eager to catch themufie of his breath, 

Though faltering in the agonies of death. 

To touch his lips, though pale and cold, once more. 

And clafp his bofom, though it ftream'd with gore i 

That voice too Ro/ia heard, and 5 greatly brav£> 

His Cora's deareft treafure died to lave, 

Gave to the hopelefs Parent's arms her child, 

Beheld her transports, and expiring, fmil'd. 

Thai voice ye hear — Oh ! be its will obey'd ! 

? T?s Valour's impulie and 'ti;s Virtue's aid-*- 

Jt prompts to all Benevolence admires, 

To all that heav'nly Piety infpires, 

To all that Praife repeats through lengthened years 3 

That Honour fanclifies, and Time reveres. 

^ • *